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AG's office reaches $13 million settlement with CashCall

Nov. 25, 2015, 12:10pm by

CHARLESTON — West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey's office has reached a $13 million settlement with CashCall, Inc., a non-bank private lender found to have engaged in abusive debt collections. The settlement, which was finalized last week in Kanawha Circuit Court, requires CashCall to make an immediate $10 million lump sum payment. more...

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Logan man says former employer retaliated against him

Nov. 25, 2015, 9:39am by

LOGAN – A Logan County man is suing his former employer over claims of discriminatory and retaliatory actions.

Man alleges Transworld engaged in illegal debt collection

Nov. 25, 2015, 9:27am by

LOGAN – A Logan County man is suing a collection agency over claims of abusive or unconscionable tactics to collect an alleged debt.

Mingo Co. man claims Aracoma Coal violated his rights

Nov. 25, 2015, 9:15am by

LOGAN – A Mingo County man claims that a Holden coal company fired him after lung problems required him to return to work under a certain qualification.

Ky. company says shipping company owes for goods

Nov. 24, 2015, 2:22pm by

LOGAN – A Kentucky supply company is suing a West Virginia freight shipping company over an unpaid balance for sold goods.

Class action says medical practice didn't pay in timely manner

Nov. 24, 2015, 2:21pm by

LOGAN – Two Logan County women are suing a medical practice over claims it failed to pay its laid off employees and employees who quit in a timely manner.

Chester mayor challenges city council bid of negligence

Nov. 24, 2015, 10:00am by

NEW CUMBERLAND – The mayor of Chester says the dereliction of duty charges leveled at him by five city council members violate procedural rules and are thus invalid.

Owners of modular home accuse manufacturer of negligence

Nov. 24, 2015, 9:33am by

RIPLEY – A Given couple says the modular home they ordered from The Commodore Corp. and D&W Estates is both structurally and cosmetically defective, and fails to meet West Virginia structural codes.

Inmate says Charleston officers used racial slurs, excess force

Nov. 24, 2015, 9:20am by

CHARLESTON – An Ohio County Correctional Complex inmate says Charleston police officers harassed him with racial epithets and manhandled him during two arrests.

Railroad worker says logging firm negligent in hiring

Nov. 23, 2015, 2:34pm by

MARLINTON – A Randolph County man says he suffered injuries when a truck full of logs collided with the train on which he was a passenger.

Wyoming Co. miner accuses coal mines of harmful safety violations

Nov. 23, 2015, 2:22pm by

PINEVILLE – A former coal miner says violations of safety rules by Big River Mining and other previous employers subjected him to harmful coal and silica dust.