This just in: Kanawha County

March 20 Okey O'Neil Wright and Linda Diane Wright v. A&I Company, Inc., a West Virginia Corporation, et al. PA-John Skaggs; J-Visiting Judge * Wright says he contracted mesothelioma from being exposed to asbestos through years of working in a refractory plant in Buckhannon. He worked in a factory owned by Saint Gobain, Inc., from 1966-2003. He is seeking compensatory damages and his wife is suing for loss of consortium. Case number: 06-C-513 Clingenpeel, McBrayer and Associates, Inc., d/b/a CMA Engineering v. Silling Associates, Inc. PA-Mark A. Ferguson; J-Zakaib * CMA Engineering says it was retained by Silling as a subcontractor on the Martinsburg jail project and is still owed $38,265.06 for services rendered. Case number: 06-C-514 March 21 State of West Virginia, ex. rel. West Virginia Insurance Commission v. Jon L. Barker, Sr., d/b/a West Virginia Roofing PA-David Ansell; J-King * The West Virginia Insurance Commission claims that Barker, owner of West Virginia Roofing, owes $226,327.23 for not making payments to the Workers' Compensation Commission. It says Barker has failed to pay his quarterly premium tax five times. Case number: 06-C-522 March 22 Environmental Management Inc., a West Virginia corporation v. Marquee Cinemas - WV Inc., a West Virginia corporation * Environmental Management says it swept, removed snow and provided maintenance of the lawn and shrubbery at Marquee Cinemas and was not paid for its services. It is seeking $19,913.03. PA-Dennis N. Broglio; J-Walker Case number: 06-C-526 Emma Johnson v. Patton Building Services, Inc. PA-Katherine L. Dooley; J-Stucky * Johnson says she suffered a heart attack on the job in Oct. 2003 but was told not to return to work 15 months later because Patton had hired "non-disabled people." She is seeking a return to her old job and lost pay. Case number: 06-C-533 John C. Grey v. Cortez Lacy and Darlene Lacy PA-Phillip M. Stowers; J-Berger * Grey says a car driven by Cortez Lacy, a former football star at George Washington High School, and owned by Darlene Lacy collided with his 2001 Chevy Silverado and is seeking compensatory damages. Case number: 06-C-534 Brenda Fowler, for Herself and as Parent and Next Friend to Rayvin Lee Fowler, her Infant Child v. Kanawha County Board of Education PA-Scott Caudill; J-Berger * Brenda Fowler says her daughter still has a scar from a large wooden sliver that became lodged in her leg on a Sissonville Elementary playground almost two years ago and is suing, claiming negligence on the school's part. Case number: 06-C-535 March 23 Shanika Christian v. Dept. of Health and Human Resources of State of West Virginia PA-Pro Se; J-Walker * Christian says she was forced to take medication during her institutional upbringing and is suing because she feels it was a reason she is having trouble as an adult. She is suing for 12 years of pain and suffering as well as future help with her bills. Case number: 06-C-543 March 24 Pritchard Mining Company, Inc., a West Virginia Corporation, v. Doug Brown, Point Service Corporation and Point Service Coal Sales, Inc. PA-George A. Patterson III; J-Kaufman * Pritchard Mining says Brown, the principal shareholder of Point Service, still owes $1,002,912.16 for coal he bought with the intention or reselling. Brown has paid $150,000 of his balance to date. Case number: 06-C-550 The Education Resources Institute, Inc. v. Koral Flynn PA-Michael R. Cline; J-King * Education Resources Institute says Flynn still owes $56,856.76 for student loans. It is seeking that amount plus court costs. Case number: 06-C-555 S.R. and K.R., minors, by and through their Mother and Next Friend, Laura R. v. West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources and The Children's Home Society of West Virginia PA-Robert Warner; J-King * Laura R. says her two children, while only 2 and 4 years old, were molested by John Ray, the man who was given the assignment of driving them to and from visitation with their mother while they were temporarily in the custody of the DHHR. Ray is currently facing criminal charges in Mercer County. Case number: 06-C-567 Donna Kay Harris v. Augusto Portillo, M.D. PA-Pro Se; J- Zakaib * Harris says Portillo was supposed to remove a growth from the inside of her nose during a March, 2004 surgery but never did. She is seeking more than $50,000. Case number: 06-C-568

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