This just in: Putnam County

May 23 Joshua Ryan Kropka vs. Brandon W. Sanders PA-Robert M. Losey; J-Eagloski * Kropka says Sanders maliciously assaulted him with a baseball bat on May 25, 2004, breaking his jaw and shattering several teeth. He seeks compensatory and punitive damages. Case number: 06-C-168 May 26 Anthony D. Lawhon vs. City of Hurricane PA-Shawn D. Bayliss; J- * Lawhon seeks to be returned the rank of corporal with the city police department and various compensations related to that reinstatement. Case number: 06-C-171 May 25 James J. Moore vs. Joey Simonton, Joey's Ice Cream Trucks PA-Patrick B. Anderson; J-Eagloski * Plaintiff wants his down payment of $11,925 back after the hot dog vending truck he planned to purchase wasn't ready at a specified time. Case number: 06-C-172 June 5 Nike Golf vs. Helen Brown and Ronald Brown III PA-Jeffrey J. Gould; J-Spaulding * Nike says the defendants owe $26,602.04 plus interest, court costs and other relief. Case number: 06-C-184

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