This Just In: Kanawha County

April 16 James Kramer v. Owens-Illinois, Inc., et al PA – Craig E. Coleman; J – Visiting * James Kramer filed an asbestos suit against 36 companies, claiming he now has mesothelioma because of their negligence. Kramer was a pipefitter and welder, and while performing those jobs was exposed to asbestos-containing products. He seeks punitive and compensatory damages for his injuries. Case number 07-C-741 Gary Earnest Blair and Jackie O. Blair v. 20th Century Glove Corp. of Texas, et al. PA – Cindy Kiblinger; J - Visiting * Gary Blair filed an asbestos suit against 60 companies, claiming he was made ill after years of being exposed to asbestos dust. Blair and his wife, Jackie, seek punitive and compensatory damages against the companies. Case number 07-C-742 April 17 Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc. v. Karen Rae Parfitt PA – F.C. Gall, Jr.; J – King * Charleston Area Medical Center has filed a suit against Karen Parfitt, seeking more than $170,687 in goods and services. The suit says Parfitt owes for goods and services dating from June to October 2005. They seek the amount plus interest. Case number 07-C-746 Stephen W. Vanhoose v. Bayer Cropscience LP et al. PA – Michael J. Del Giudice; J – Zakaib * Stephen Vanhoose filed a suit against Bayer Cropscience, claiming he was fired because of his age. The suit states the firing is a violation of the West Virginia Human Rights Act. Vanhoose seeks punitive damages. Case number 07-C-750 April 18 Stephen H. Bush v. VitalSpring Technologies, Inc., Dr. Sreedhar V. Potarazu PA – David Allen Barnette; J – Bloom * Stephen Bush filed a suit against Dr. Sreedhar Potarazu and VitalSpring, seeking repayment of a $100,000 loan. Potarazu is the president and CEO of VitalSpring. Bush loaned Dick Stepakof the money on Dec. 27, 2006. The loan was not to exceed 10 days. According to Bush, the loan has not been repaid, and he claims VitalSpring no longer has the sufficient cash to pay him. Case number 07-C-769 April 19 Sylvia Mohr, executrix of the estate of William T. Mohr, deceased v. 20th Century Glove Corp. of Texas, aka Guard Line, Inc., et al PA – David P. Chervenick; J – Visiting * Sylvia Mohr filed an asbestos suit on behalf of her late husband. Mohr claims William Mohr died of asbestosis and mesothelioma, after he was exposed to asbestos-containing products while working. She seeks compensatory and punitive damages. Case number 07-C-770 Roger Fleshman v. Brewer Management LLC PA – Ted M. Kanner; J – Bloom * Roger Fleshman filed a suit against Brewer Management, doing business as Sam's Hotdogs in Malden. Fleshman claims he slipped on water on the floor at the restaurant and was injured. Fleshman claims he has medical expenses and suffered a loss of wages. Case number 07-C-771 Betty M. Blackwell and Jack C. Blackwell v. 20th Century Glove Corporation of Texas, aka Guard Line, Inc. PA – David P. Chervenick; J – Visiting * Betty and Jack Blackwell filed an asbestos lawsuit against 96 companies. Betty Blackwell claims she was exposed to asbestos dust by her husband, who worked around asbestos-containing products. Betty Blackwell now has asbestosis and mesothelioma. The Blackwells seek punitive damages for their injuries. Case number 07-C-774 April 20 Frank Stevens v. Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc. PA – Timothy P. Lupardus; J – Berger * Frank Stevens filed a suit against Charleston Area Medical Center, claiming the nursing staff left him unattended and caused him to fall while he was a patient. Stevens claims he now suffers from headaches and an apparently permanent knot on his head. He seeks compensation for his damages. Case number 07-C-776

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