THIS JUST IN: Berkeley County

Oct. 3 West Virginia University Hospitals Inc. vs. Jerry Jose Davis PA - Edward Harman Jr.; J - David Sanders * The plaintiff claims Davis owes at least $239,282.37 plus interest for medical services provided in January 2008. Case number: 08-C-1224 Oct. 6 CitiMortgage Inc. vs. Carroll L. Foster II PA - Andrea Reynolds; J - David Sanders * The plaintiff claims Foster defaulted on the terms of a Berkeley County real estate loan agreement, and now owes $47,543.27 plus interest. Case number: 08-C-1227 Chase Bank USA NA vs. Darlene N. Fincham PA - Ashley Lawson; J - Christopher Wilkes * The plaintiff claims Fincham owes at least $40,307.35 plus interest after defaulting on the terms of a credit card agreement. Case number: 08-C-1232 MCT Federal Credit Union vs. Kelley Ruleman and Gordon Ruleman PA - Christopher Moore, J - unavailable * The plaintiff was awarded judgment against the defendants for $26,284.22, in an Aug. 4 order in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in the Northern District of West Virginia. The notice of filing of a foreign judgment was filed in Berkeley County Circuit Court. Case number: 08-C- 1234

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