THIS JUST IN: Jackson County

Aug. 25 Bonnie Simmons vs. Douglas Walters and Doug's Furniture PA - Kevin Hughart; J - Evans * The plaintiff is suing the defendants for failing to repay her a total of $218,000 of personal loans she gave them in 2006. Though Walters did attempt repayment, the checks he wrote from business accounts were returned due to non-sufficient funds or they were closed. In addition to repayment of the loans, she is seeking court costs and attorney fees. Case number: 09-C-99 Sept. 10 Charles and Drema McCallister vs. Woodland Building Construction and Brian McQuain PA - J. Michael Ranson; J - Evans * The plaintiffs are suing the defendants for improperly constructing a garage to their home. They are seeking unspecified damages and attorney fees. Case number: 09-C-104

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