Morgantown woman sues Wal-mart for injuries

MORGANTOWN -- A Morgantown woman is suing Wal-mart after she claims she was injured in one of its locations. On Sept. 30, 2008, Debra Kay Sviridenko was on the premises of the Wal-mart in Morgantown when she tripped on a hanger that was on the ground and fell, according to a complaint filed Sept. 29 in Monongalia Circuit Court. Sviridenko claims she suffered injuries to her left elbow, left leg, left knee and back. Wal-mart owed a duty of reasonable care to Sviridenko to provide a safe area to walk and shop, according to the suit. Sviridenko claims Wal-mart failed to inspect for dangerous and/or hazardous conditions; failed to remedy dangerous conditions; failed to adequately train personnel to inspect for and remedy dangerous conditions; failed to warn her of the dangerous condition; and otherwise failed to take reasonable steps to provide a safe area. The defendant was negligent, careless and reckless, according to the suit, and caused Sviridenko to incur hospital and medical expenses in an amount in excess of $1,700. Sviridenko is seeking compensatory and special damages not to exceed $15,000; general damages not to exceed $15,000; and pre- and post-judgment interest. She is being represented by Holly Wolfe Hinerman. Morgantown Circuit Court case number: 10-C-657

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