CIVIL FILINGS: Monongalia County

March 9 Gary Liston and Carol Glover, executors of the estate of Edna Liston vs. Evergreen Assisted Living and Marci Hile PA-James McHugh; J-NA * Liston and Glover are seeking damages in a wrongful death suit against Evergreen Assisted Living and Marci Hile, administrator. Edna Liston was admitted to the facility in June 2009 where she remained until March 2011 as a result of injuries suffered while she was a resident. Liston and Glover allege although the facility was aware of the care needed, Liston didn't receive the proper care needed due to staff restrictions cause by budgetary constraints. As a result she suffered numerous falls, bed sores, weight loss, dehydration and eventually death. Liston and Glover ask for general and special damages, punitive damages, attorney fees and costs. Case number: 12-C-161

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