CIVIL FILINGS: Jackson County

March 19 Amy Faye Davis vs. Patrolman, D.G. Prechtl, Patrolman M.S. Cummings, Patrolman G.C. Burnem, John Doe Officers 1-4 and the city of Ravenswood PA – David Karr, Jr.; J – Nibert * The plaintiff is suing the defendants for multiple civil rights violations after they arrested her without probable cause on March 20, 2010, on charges of DUI, driving on a revoked license, obstructing justice and assault on a police officer, and subsequently kicked, kneed and chocked her in the course of arresting her. She seeks unspecified damages, attorney fees and court costs. Case number: 12-C-44 March 29 Randell Lee Lockhart vs. Otis W. and C. Sharleen Boswell PA - Leah Chappell; J – Evans * The plaintiff, a Given resident, is the suing the defendants for adverse possession of a portion of his property upon which the Boswells have constructed a fence, and obstructed Lockhart's use of a private road. Along with a court order designating the true boundary line, Lockhart seeks a temporary and permanent injunction prohibiting the Boswells from exercising domain and control over property plus court costs, and attorney fees. Case number: 12-C-48

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