CIVIL FILINGS: Berkeley County

April 13 Sharon Austin vs. Hagerstown Goodwill Industries, Inc. operating under the trade name of Horizon Goodwill Industries, a Maryland Company PA-Paul G. Taylor; J-Christopher Wilkes * Plaintiff claims on or about Dec. 1, 2010 when she was a customer at the Goodwill store, she slipped and fell where there was an excessive build up of water that was not marked. Plaintiff seeks an amount to be determined in compensation for injuries. Case number: 12-C-299 Charles L. Unger vs. Capital One Bank (USA) NA PA-Garry Geffert; J-Gray Silver, III * Plaintiff claims violation of the West Virginia Consumer Credit and Protection Act. Plaintiff seeks up to $74,999.99. Case number: 12-C-300 Mid Atlantic Farm Credit ACA as successor in interest to Valley Farm Credit ACA vs. Christopher B. Schultz and Charles C. Schultz. PA-Jason P. Foster; J-John Yoder * Plaintiff claims breach of contract and seeks payment of $3,236,817.70 for past due account. Case number: 12-C-301 April 17 Lynn E. Leatherman, II vs. Michael Spaulding and Jordan Crilly PA: Laura V. Faircloth; J-Christopher Wilkes * Plaintiff claims on or about April 17, 2010, defendants were guests at plaintiff's property in a garage. Defendant Spaulding allegedly was carrying a military-style knife described as a deadly weapon. Allegedly Spaulding gave the knife to Crilly who then negligently cut the plaintiff causing significant damage. Plaintiff seeks medical costs in excess of $75,000 and additional damages to be determined. Case number: 12-C-311 April 19 Winchester Medical Center vs. Steven Darlington PA: Daniel T. Booth; J: Christopher Wilkes * Plaintiff claims defendant owes $27,242.15 for past due credit agreement. Case number: 12-C-317 April 20 Kenneth Brown Construction Inc. vs. Stacey Mansell PA: Peter A. Pentony; J: Christopher Wilkes * Plaintiff claims defendant embezzled $215,150.27. Plaintiff seeks compensatory and punitive damages. Case number: 12-C-326 April 23 Dorothy A. McDermott vs. SHC Promotions Inc., formerly K-Mart, also formerly K-Mart Promotions LLC PA: Robert Barrat; J: John Yoder * Plainitff claims she fell due a foreign substance and sustained injury to her right knee, shoulder and back. Plaintiff seeks damages for medical costs and other amounts to be determined at trial. Case number: 12-C-328

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