Oct. 18 Thomas Do-It Center vs. Bob Patterson d/b/a STC Contracting PA - Stephen C. Littlepage; J - Evans *The plaintiff is suing the defendant for goods and services provided between Aug. 11, 2011 and Feb. 12 that allegedly remain unpaid. Thomas Do-It Center seeks judgment in the amount of $17,053.56 plus interest, court costs and attorneys fees. Case number: 12-C-132 Nov. 16 BB&T vs. Nora Henry PA - Norman T. Daniels; J – Nibert *The plaintiff is suing the defendant, a New Haven resident, for allegedly defaulting on a loan given to her on May 16 in the amount of $24,148.80 to purchase a 2012 Nissan Ultima. Along with an order granting it immediate possession of the vehicle, BB&T seeks court costs, attorneys fees and interest. Case number: 12-C-135

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