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Widow petitions court to settle workers' comp claim on children’s behalf

By Robert Hadley | Apr 21, 2016

KEYSER – A Mineral County woman is petitioning to obtain court authority to settle a claim on behalf of her three minor children, who were left fatherless after a work-related accident.

Motorist blames UPS driver for wreck-related injuries

By Robert Hadley | Apr 6, 2016

WHEELING – An Ohio County woman says she was injured in a two-vehicle accident allegedly caused by a UPS driver.

UPS sued over alleged damages after I-70 accident

By Hoang Tran | Feb 19, 2016

WHEELING – A Triadelphia family is filing a suit against UPS and one of its drivers after a vehicle accident that allegedly led to injuries.

Inmate sues UPS for careless truck driver

By Kyla Asbury | May 9, 2012

CHARLESTON -- An inmate at St. Mary's Correctional Center is suing UPS after he was struck by one of its vehicles and injured.

UPS files notice of removal for sexual discrimination suit

By Audrey Holsclaw | Jul 16, 2008

MORGANTOWN -- United Parcel Service and an employee are seeking a removal to federal court for a lawsuit following a sexual discrimination suit.

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