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Supreme Court denies flood trial defense petition

By Steve Korris | May 19, 2006

CHARLESTON – Two Justices of the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, ruling as a majority after two of their colleagues dropped out, flashed a green light May 11 for a series of trials over a flood that struck southern West Virginia in 2001.

Steptoe & Johnson announce new members, of counsel attorneys for 2006

By The West Virginia Record | May 18, 2006

Benincasa CHARLESTON -- Steptoe & Johnson PLLC announces that, effective Jan. 1, eight of its attorneys were promoted to membership, and four of its attorneys achieved "of counsel" status.

Two justices say ruling was too soft on car dealer

By Steve Korris | May 11, 2006

Joseph Albright CHARLESTON – Two West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals Justices think the other three treated Paul White Chevrolet of South Charleston too gently.

Justices go three ways in three rulings

By Steve Korris | May 10, 2006

CHARLESTON – In three clashes between circuit judges and state government, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals found the state wrong in one, the judge wrong in another, and both the state and the judge wrong in the third.

Supreme Court overturns Stucky decision on woman's late car payments

By Steve Korris | May 4, 2006

CHARLESTON - When Paul White Chevrolet repossession man Donald Weekley showed up where Gloria Banks worked, she understood she would have to scrounge a car payment on the spot.

Flood victims' victory sets up second trial

By Steve Korris | May 3, 2006

BECKLEY – Flood victims won a jury verdict after a seven-week trial, but it will take another trial to identify the victims and decide who owes them what.

Mayflower discriminated against black workers, Supreme Court rules

By Steve Korris | Apr 25, 2006

CHARLESTON – Managers of a South Charleston stamping plant discriminated against black workers, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has ruled.

Reversal allows granddaughter to build in subdivision

By Steve Korris | Apr 24, 2006

CHARLESTON – In an error with sorrowful consequences, Putnam County Circuit Judge N. Edward Eagloski destroyed the dream of a dying man.

SupCo Calendar for 4/24 issue

By The West Virginia Record | Apr 19, 2006

West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals

Flood trial judge chides attorney for flirting with jurors

By Steve Korris | Apr 14, 2006

Stuart Calwell BECKLEY – Attorney Stuart Calwell of Charleston tried to flirt with jurors at a trial about a flood in 2001, but he only aggravated the judge and bored the jury.

Supreme Court closes gaps for kids in abuse and neglect proceedings

By Ann Knef | Apr 5, 2006

As it observes "The Year of the Child," the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has closed gaps in services for children with cases before the Family Courts and Circuit Circuits.

Supreme Court says Cabell judge abused his discretion

By Steve Korris | Apr 3, 2006

CHARLESTON – If one lawyer gives another a break on a deadline, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has ruled, courtesy requires a break in return.

Supreme Court refuses to hear DaimlerChrysler fee appeal

By Steve Korris | Mar 30, 2006

CHARLESTON – Grubb Law Group will collect $143,026.66 for representing clients who won less than a twentieth of that amount at trial.

Supreme Court sides with daughter on probate lawyer's will

By Steve Korris | Mar 23, 2006

CHARLESTON – Ralph Haines made millions as West Virginia's top probate lawyer, but he blew his own will.

Company backs out of settlement in asbestos case

By John O'Brien | Mar 15, 2006

CHARLESTON - A South Charleston woman is claiming Union Carbide breached a settlement agreement when it offered her only $5,000 instead of the $170,000 amount upon which the two had previously agreed.

State Supreme Court backs Stucky's approach

By Steve Korris | Mar 15, 2006

Justice Joseph Albright CHARLESTON – Judges should not push parties at trial to settle disputes, but when Christine McConaha hauled her brothers and sisters before Kanawha County Circuit Judge James Stucky, the judge chose to take charge and make peace.

Navy vet-turned-WVU law student stays the course with high court

By The West Virginia Record | Mar 2, 2006

MORGANTOWN -- Thomas "Thom" Boggs is no stranger to rough seas.

Supreme Court rejects Judge Matish's simple math

By Steve Korris | Feb 23, 2006

CHARLESTON – Harrison County Circuit Judge James Matish found a simple way to calculate attorney's fees in a civil rights case, but his simplicity did not satisfy the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals.

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