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Third day of impeachment hearings wraps up

By Kyla Asbury | Jul 19, 2018

CHARLESTON — The third day of hearings regarding the possible impeachment of Supreme Court justices concluded after hearing testimony from four current court employees.

Federal grand jury tacks on another charge to Loughry's indictment

By Chris Dickerson | Jul 17, 2018

CHARLESTON – A federal grand jury had added another charge to suspended state Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry's indictment.

Supreme Court says impeachment proceedings are a 'fishing expedition'

By Chris Dickerson | Jul 13, 2018

CHARLESTON – The state Supreme Court’s interim administrative director says the impeachment proceedings being conducted by the Legislature is “a full-fledged fishing expedition.”

First day of questions in impeachment hearings focus on vehicle use by Loughry, Davis

By Chris Dickerson | Jul 12, 2018

CHARLESTON – Much of the questioning during the first day of impeachment proceedings against members of the state Supreme Court focused on vehicle use by Justice Robin Jean Davis and suspended Justice Allen Loughry.

Judge concurs with state Supreme Court decision supporting patient privacy

By Kyla Asbury | Jul 12, 2018

CHARLESTON — Back in May, the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals issued a ruling that Camden Clark Hospital wrongfully disclosed medical records involving mental health in a subpoena. Kanawha Circuit Judge Tod J. Kaufman, sitting on the bench by special assignment in the case, agreed with the decision.

Ketchum resigns from state Supreme Court; retirement effective July 27

By Chris Dickerson | Jul 11, 2018

CHARLESTON – Me​nis Ketchum is retiring and resigning from the state Supreme Court. It's effective July 27.

The impeachment of Justice Allen Loughry

By The West Virginia Record | Jul 11, 2018

There’s something to be said for catharsis, not that anyone looks forward to it. In fact, most people do everything they can to avoid it. But, like banging your head against the wall, it does feel better when you’re through.

Ohio magistrate suspended, indicted on wire fraud, tax fraud, bribery

By Kyla Asbury | Jul 10, 2018

CHARLESTON — An Ohio County magistrate has been suspended without pay after being indicted on charges of wire fraud, bribery and tax fraud.

Charleston attorney files pre-candidacy papers for state Supreme Court to fix the system

By Kyla Asbury | Jul 9, 2018

CHARLESTON — A Charleston attorney filed pre-candidacy papers for the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals last month in a bid to fix, what he calls, a broken system.

Judicial ethics expert: Reminding people of impeachment powers in Loughry case is good

By Chris Dickerson | Jul 9, 2018

CHARLESTON – An expert on judicial ethics says every day Allen Loughry remains on the state Supreme Court is a travesty, but he also thinks it’s good to remind people that impeachment can be a practical tool as well.

House Judiciary to convene July 12 to continue Supreme Court impeachment proceedings

By Chris Dickerson | Jul 5, 2018

CHARLESTON – The House Judiciary Committee will resume work on Supreme Court impeachment proceedings on July 12.

Legislative audit tries to figure out state Supreme Court surplus in rainy day fund

By Kyla Asbury | Jul 5, 2018

CHARLESTON — A legislative audit was performed on the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals in an attempt to learn why the court had a surplus of nearly $29 million in 2012 and spent it down to approximately $333,000 by 2016.

Loughry's state suspension case put on hold pending outcome of federal charges

By Chris Dickerson | Jul 3, 2018

CHARLESTON – The state Judicial Hearing Board has issued a stay in the Judicial Disciplinary Counsel’s matter against suspended state Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry pending federal criminal charges.

Johnson gets new state government job, will draw $182K in salary and retirement

By Chris Dickerson | Jul 2, 2018

CHARLESTON – The former administrative director of the state Supreme Court has a new job with a new state agency, and he will be making nearly $182,000 in salary and retirement.

Greear appointed as Kanawha interim circuit court judge

By Chris Dickerson | Jul 2, 2018

CHARLESTON – Dan Greear has been appointed as the interim circuit judge in Kanawha County, taking over the seat vacated by former Judge Jim Stucky's retirement.

'You can’t have a scofflaw as a judge’

By The West Virginia Record | Jun 26, 2018

Despite his claims of innocence, suspended state Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry should resign “for the common good of the state, the court, and the judiciary.”

House votes to consider impeachment of Loughry, possibly other Supreme Court justices

By Chris Dickerson | Jun 26, 2018

CHARLESTON – The House of Delegates has voted 89-0 to give its Judiciary Committee the power to investigate impeachment of state Supreme Court justices.

Supreme Court annuls Chapmanville attorney’s law license

By Kyla Asbury | Jun 25, 2018

CHARLESTON – The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals ordered the annulment of a Chapmanville attorney’s law license, stating that he preyed on a woman's vulnerability and violated the Rules of Professional Conduct.

State Supreme Court annuls law license of Beckley attorney

By Kyla Asbury | Jun 25, 2018

CHARLESTON — The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has annulled the law license of a Beckley attorney.

State Supreme Court rules Business Court case was properly dismissed

By Kyla Asbury | Jun 25, 2018

CHARLESTON — The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals has ruled that a nearly-10-year-old case before the Business Court Division was rightfully dismissed.

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