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Blankenship critical of Gazette editorial about him

By Chris Dickerson | Apr 23, 2018

CHARLESTON – Don Blankenship has lashed out at the Charleston Gazette-Mail, calling the writer of a recent editorial an idiot.

Former newspaper owner wants share of sale proceeds

By Kyla Asbury | Mar 29, 2018

CHARLESTON – MediaNews Group is seeking a share of the money made from the sale of the Charleston Gazette-Mail to HD Media, according to court documents.

Sale of Gazette-Mail to HD Media could be done by end of month

By Chris Dickerson | Mar 9, 2018

CHARLESTON – The parent company of The Herald-Dispatch also now owns the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

Herald-Dispatch to buy Gazette-Mail after Ogden withdraws its offer

By Chris Dickerson | Mar 8, 2018

CHARLESTON – The parent company of The Herald-Dispatch also now owns the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

Herald-Dispatch makes bid to buy Charleston Gazette-Mail

By Chris Dickerson | Mar 6, 2018

CHARLESTON – The parent company of The Herald-Dispatch has thrown its hat into the ring as a potential buyer of Charleston Newspapers. HD Media Co. LLC, which publishes the Huntington daily newspaper as well as several other smaller papers across southern West Virginia, filed documents Tuesday, March 6, in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of West Virginia to buy the Charleston Gazette-Mail. March 6 was the final day interested parties could file as interested parties and make bids.

Memo lays out plan for Charleston Newspapers' bankruptcy sale

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 28, 2018

CHARLESTON – In less than one week, bids are due from potential buyers for Charleston Newspapers. If Ogden Newspapers is, as expected, the sole bidder for the March 6 U.S. Bankruptcy Court hearing, it becomes the new owner of the parent company of the Charleston Gazette-Mail. The March 8 auction would be cancelled.

Most Gazette-Mail employees will have to reapply for jobs, lose seniority

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 2, 2018

CHARLESTON – Charleston Newspapers employees were provided some details of the company’s bankruptcy and pending sale to another newspaper company.

Federal bankruptcy judge delays ruling on bidding process for Gazette-Mail

By Kyla Asbury and Chris Dickerson | Feb 1, 2018

CHARLESTON – A federal bankruptcy judge has delayed ruling on a motion that would open a 30-day bidding process for the purchase of the Charleston Gazette-Mail.

Ogden Newspapers bids almost $11M to buy Charleston Gazette-Mail

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 31, 2018

CHARLESTON – A Wheeling-based newspaper company has bid almost $11 million to buy the Charleston Gazette-Mail and its assets, according to court documents.

Morrisey attacks Gazette-Mail for managing editor's 'offensive' tweet

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 30, 2018

CHARLESTON – West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is blasting the Charleston Gazette-Mail for a social media comment he called “false, biased and offensive.”

Gazette-Mail to declare bankruptcy; Wheeling paper is current high bidder

By Kyla Asbury and Chris Dickerson | Jan 29, 2018

CHARLESTON – The owners of The Charleston Gazette-Mail have agreed to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Charleston Newspapers is planning to file for bankruptcy on Jan. 30.

Judge upholds arbitration ruling against Charleston Gazette-Mail

By Kyla Asbury | Jan 22, 2018

CHARLESTON – A federal judge upheld a $3.8 million arbitration ruling against The Charleston Gazette-Mail.

Arbitrator: Authority to cease publication of Daily Mail 'did not exist'

By Chris Dickerson | Sep 7, 2017

CHARLESTON – A federal arbitrator’s nearly $4 million ruling sheds more light on how Charleston became a one-newspaper town. In his filing, Arbitrator Edward D. McDevitt of Charleston provides some details about what happened internally at Charleston Newspapers when executives were deciding to shut down the Charleston Daily Mail and merge it with the Charleston Gazette. In closing his 16-page order, McDevitt writes that a newspaper expert used by Charleston Newspapers determined that the authority to cease publication of the Charleston Daily Mail “did not exist.”

Arbitrator says Gazette owes nearly $4 million to Daily Mail publishers

By Chris Dickerson | Sep 6, 2017

CHARLESTON – An arbitrator has ruled Charleston Newspapers’ publishing company owes the publisher of the defunct Ch​​​​​arleston Daily Mail nearly $4 million. The petition confirming the arbitration award was issued Sept. 6 in federal court.

More bad news at the Gazette-Mail

By The West Virginia Record | Apr 24, 2017

Though maintaining separate reporting staffs and the semblance of distinct perspectives, the Gazette and the Daily Mail merged their press and business operations in 1958.

Federal agency takes over Charleston Newspapers' pension plan

By Chris Dickerson | Apr 11, 2017

WASHINGTON – A federal agency has taken over Charleston Newspapers’ pension plan.

Former Daily Mail owners say domain name was sold without permission

By Chris Dickerson | Mar 9, 2017

PARKERSBURG – The former owners of the Charleston Daily Mail claims United Bank wrongfully induced Charleston Newspapers to sell the rights to the domain name.

Morrisey critical of Reynolds' business relationship with Charleston Newspapers

By Chris Dickerson | Aug 30, 2016

CHARLESTON – Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has gone on the offensive, criticizing Democratic challenger Doug Reynolds’ business relationship with the state’s largest newspaper.

UPDATE: Putnam judge sides with Gazette-Mail over AG subpoena

By Chris Dickerson | Nov 5, 2015

WINFIELD – A Putnam County judge says the Charleston Gazette-Mail does not have to turn over information regarding this summer’s merger of two daily newspaper to the state Attorney General’s office. Circuit Judge Phillip Stowers on Nov. 4 said probable cause was needed before the Daily Gazette Co. possibly would be forced to hand over the information about July’s merger of the Charleston Gazette and Charleston Daily Mail. Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s office filed a petition Aug. 13, say

UPDATE: Morrisey hiring of political strategist draws criticism from Democrats

By Chris Dickerson | Oct 19, 2015

CHARLESTON – Democrats are criticizing a recent hiring by West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, but an AG spokesman says they don’t have the facts straight. Last month, Morrisey’s office hired veteran political strategist Lance Henderson to serve as his deputy chief of staff, which is a newly created position.

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