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Elliott Construction accused of firing man who sought worker's compensation benefits

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 12, 2019

LOGAN – A construction worker alleges his Logan County employer terminated him because he sought workers' compensation benefits for a work-related injury.

Fired worker claims Walmart falsely accused her of shoplifting

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 11, 2019

LOGAN — A former employee is suing Walmart, alleging she was unfairly terminated after wrongfully being accused of shoplifting.

Williamson Foot Clinic alleged to owe more than $6,000 to Wisconsin company

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 11, 2019

LOGAN – A Wisconsin company alleges a Logan clinic failed to pay in full for goods it ordered.

Former Lexington Coal employee files suit over termination after medical leave

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 9, 2019

LOGAN – A Delbarton man is suing his Milton employer over allegations he was terminated in retaliation after taking time off at a doctor's orders.

Logan County property owners allege Ecosystem Investment Partners encroached on land for rock harvesting

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 9, 2019

LOGAN – Three Logan County property owners allege a Maryland company conducting business in the county encroached on their properties when it was harvesting rock.

Rocky Branch consumers allege Beneficial West Virginia inflated valuation of mobile home

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 2, 2019

LOGAN – A Rocky Branch couple alleges they were victims of predatory lending.

Persinger & Associates alleges it is owed more than $600K for work on Chapmanville school

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 2, 2019

LOGAN – A Charleston construction company alleges that it was not paid for work on a school building.

Son of former Logan Center patient files wrongful death suit over father's care

By Carrie Bradon | Apr 1, 2019

LOGAN – A Kentucky man alleges a Logan nursing facility failed to provide a safe environment for his late father and has filed a wrongful death suit.

Woman alleges Proctor & Gamble hair product caused chemical burn on her scalp

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 25, 2019

LOGAN — A woman is seeking damages, claiming a defective hair product gave her a chemical burn.

Logan Center accused of providing negligent care leading to patient's death

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 25, 2019

LOGAN — A woman was allegedly caused to suffer and eventually die due to poor care provided at an assisted living facility.

Allstate customer says she wasn't adequately compensated for storm damage to home

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 25, 2019

LOGAN — A woman alleges she was inadequately reimbursed by her insurance company following storm damge to her home.

Investment company claims it was restricted from developing its land

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 8, 2019

LOGAN – An investment company is seeking damages, claiming they were not allowed to build on their property.

Borrowers allege fraudulent appraisal in Wells Fargo suit

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Mar 6, 2019

LOGAN — A couple is suing Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., citing alleged fraud, negligent misrepresentation and unjust enrichment relating to a home loan.

Governor's company named in another lawsuit for not paying debts

By Kyla Asbury | Feb 21, 2019

LOGAN — Another lawsuit has been filed against Gov. Jim Justice's companies, this one alleging the companies owe more than $160,000 to creditors.

Woman claims Kroger fired her because of her age

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Jan 24, 2019

A 60-year-old woman is suing her former employers, citing alleged age discrimination, reckless conduct and wrongful termination.

Widow sues cemetery, alleges breach of contract

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Jan 14, 2019

A surviving spouse is suing a cemetery, citing alleged breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation.

Medical negligence caused suffering and early death, estate claims in lawsuit

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Jan 4, 2019

An estate administrator is suing a nursing home and a medical facility, citing alleged negligence and wrongful death.

Next of kin sues memorialization service provider, citing grave desecration

By Philip Gonzales | Jan 3, 2019

A man has filed a class-action lawsuit against a memorialization service provider, citing alleged common law grave desecration.

Carpet installer who went to wrong house claims officers beat, abused him and co-worker

By Bree Gonzales | Jan 2, 2019

A carpet installer is suing sheriff's and police departments, and individuals who work for them, alleging outrage/intentional infliction of emotional distress, battery, negligent retention and hiring, false imprisonment, negligent training and supervision, and destruction/spoilation of evidence.

Woman sues after falling into water meter hole

By Philip Gonzales | Jan 2, 2019

A woman is suing a public service district, citing alleged negligence.

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