Wyoming Circuit Court News

Car buyers sue company, claiming breach of contract

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Jan 11, 2019

Consumers are suing a car company, citing alleged breach of contract and implied warranties.

Interest owner sues oil and gas well operators, alleging breach of contract

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Jan 10, 2019

An interest owner is suing oil and gas well operators, citing alleged breach of contract.

Employee says company didn't have him on workers' compensation plan

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Jan 4, 2019

An employee is suing a logging and trucking company, citing alleged violation of workers' compensation acts.

Mortgagors claim lenders inflated value of mortgaged home

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Dec 19, 2018

Mortgagors are suing Beneficial West Virginia Inc., et al, lender, loan servicer and holder, citing alleged abusive loan servicing.

Couple claims McDonald's operators' negligence caused injuries to wife

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Dec 14, 2018

PINEVILLE — A Wyoming County couple is suing a McDonald's restaurant operator, alleging negligence and premises liability led to injuries to the wife.

Widow alleges mining company's negligence caused husband's death

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Dec 9, 2018

PINEVILLE — A Raleigh County woman is suing manufacturing companies, alleging breach of warranty and design defect caused her husband's death.

Conductor accuses railway company of unsafe work environment

By Philip Gonzales | Nov 28, 2018

PINEVILLE — A conductor is suing a railway operator, alleging an unsafe work environment led to injuries.

Mine repair business alleges mining operators breached contract

By Philip Gonzales | Nov 7, 2018

PINEVILLE — A mine maintenance business is suing mining operators, alleging breach of contract.

Couple accuses medical facilities of unlawful prescription of drugs

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Nov 2, 2018

PINEVILLE — A Wyoming County couple is suing medical facilities and physicians, alleging medical negligence in drug prescriptions.

Wyoming County property owner alleges developer breached purchase agreement

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Nov 2, 2018

PINEVILLE — A Wyoming County property owner is suing a developer, alleging breach of a real estate purchase agreement led to injuries for the plaintiff.

Woman alleges Wyoming County Board of Education's negligence led to fall

By Philip Gonzales | Oct 29, 2018

PINEVILLE — A Wyoming County woman is suing the local school board, alleging negligence caused her to fall outside a school.

Wyoming County landowners accuse mining operators of property damage

By Kristine Gonzales-Abella | Oct 19, 2018

PINEVILLE — A Wyoming County couple and their daughter are suing U.S. Steel and mining operators, alleging trespassing, negligence and private nuisance.

Arizona company alleges archery business owes nearly $16,000

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Oct 17, 2018

PINEVILLE — An Arizona company is suing an archery business, alleging breach of contract.

Wyoming County customer accuses utility companies of cutting power

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Oct 11, 2018

PINEVILLE — A Wyoming County woman is suing utility companies, alleging breach of contract.

Motorist alleges tractor-trailer operators' negligence caused crash

By Philip Gonzales | Oct 5, 2018

PINEVILLE — A Wyoming County motorist tractor-trailer operators, alleging their negligence caused a crash that injured the plaintiff.

Wyoming County real estate owner accuses logging, timber firms of trespassing

By Bree Gonzales | Sep 28, 2018

PINEVILLE — A Wyoming County real estate owner is suing logging companies, alleging trespassing.

Wyoming Co. man says PSD's negligence led to cancer

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 21, 2018

PINEVILLE — A Wyoming County customer has filed a class action lawsuit against water suppliers, alleging negligence led to the plaintiff developing cancer.

Mullins accuses Shentel Cable Communications of extortion

By Bree Gonzales | Sep 7, 2018

Shentel Cable Communications faces a lawsuit in a dispute over their landlord's cable and telephone services.

Building materials supplier alleges hardware business owes nearly $27,000

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 6, 2018

PINEVILLE — An Ohio building materials supplier is suing a Pineville hardware business, alleging it owes nearly $27,000 for breach of contract and unjust enrichment.

Customer alleges Magic Mart owner wrongly accused him of shoplifting

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 4, 2018

PINEVILLE — A Wyoming County man is suing a department store owner, alleging battery, invasion of privacy and violation of civil rights.

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