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Huntington roofing contractor accuses former employee, competitor of misappropriation

By Philip Gonzales | Oct 17, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A Huntington roofing contractor is suing a former employee and competitor, alleging tortious interference with business relations and/or contracts.

Inmate allegedly died due to negligent supervision by prison officials

By Bree Gonzales | Oct 16, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A personal representative is suing state correctional facility officials, alleging deprivation of constitutional rights, negligence and wrongful death.

Summers County couple sue healthcare providers for negligence

By Philip Gonzales | Oct 12, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A Summers County couple is suing St. Mary's Medical Center Inc. et. al., for alleged negligence.

State Farm sued after motorist injured in head-on collision

By Jenie Mallari-Torres | Oct 12, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A motorist is suing State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co., after a motorist struck her vehicle in a head-on collision.

Contractor claims he secured pipeline rights of way but was not compensated

By Philip Gonzales | Oct 12, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A contractor is suing Central Land Consulting, Timothy N. Laps and Renae Eberhart, mineral owners representatives, citing alleged breach of contract and defamation.

Putnam County News owner sues Church of the Nazarene for damages

By Kyla Asbury | Oct 11, 2018

SUMMERSVILLE — A lawsuit has been filed against both the north and south districts of the Church of the Nazarene, as well as the Nazarene Camp in Summersville alleging the respondents defamed him and caused him distress.

Cabell County couple alleges insurance company failed to provide subrogation payment

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Oct 5, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A Cabell County couple is suing an insurance company, alleging breach of contract.

Huntington man alleges van driver ran him over

By Bree Gonzales | Sep 25, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A Huntington man is suing a van driver and his employer, alleging negligence caused the plaintiff to be run over.

Family member accuses former business partners of breaching agreement

By Bree Gonzales | Sep 24, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A family member is suing business partners of a deceased relative, alleging breach of a partnership agreement and fiduciary duty, breach of joint venture agreement, negligence and misrepresentation, and tortious interference with a partnership agreement.

Lincoln Co. woman claims Sears' negligence led to her fall, injuries

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 21, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A Lincoln County woman is suing Sears, alleging negligence led to injuries to the plaintiff.

Cabell Co. mobile home owners allege movers failed to complete job

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 21, 2018

HUNTINGTON — Two Cabell County mobile home owners are suing a moving service, alleging breach of duty.

Family member alleges Huntington nursing home facility negligent in treatment of resident

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 21, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A family member is suing a Huntington nursing home facility operator, alleging negligence and reckless misconduct.

Patient accuses obstetrician of medical liability

By Bree Gonzales | Sep 18, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A Prichard woman is suing an obstetrician and gynecologist, alleging medical professional liability.

State Farm seeks to recover amount paid to insured over collision with BBU Services of WV truck

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 17, 2018

HUNTINGTON – An insurance company is seeking damages from a Cottageville man and a Kenna employer over a collision in Barboursville.

Woman blames ovarian cancer on Johnson's Baby Powder

By Bree Gonzales | Sep 15, 2018

A Ft. Gay woman blames the manufacturers of a talcum powder for causing her cancer.

Patient stabbed in the eye sues Huntington hospital

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 15, 2018

An attack on a Dunbar resident at Mildred Mitchell Bateman Hospital by another patient prompted a recent lawsuit.

Man blames implanted medical device for continuing injuries

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 15, 2018

An implanted medical device was defective, a Huntington man claims in court.

Local resident sues mortgage loan servicer for misrepresentations

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 14, 2018

A mortgage loan company faces accusations of "illegal and abusive loan servicing" in a recent lawsuit.

Wet rug at Huntington Red Lobster caused fall, woman alleges

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 13, 2018

HUNTINGTON – A Kentucky woman alleges a wet rug at a Huntington restaurant caused her to fall.

Patient files malpractice suit against Scott Orthopedic Center over foot surgery

By Philip Gonzales | Sep 13, 2018

HUNTINGTON – A Huntington patient alleges he was injured in a 2010 foot surgery.

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