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DuPont sues Kathy Brown Law, Brown Houston over conflict of interest allegations

By Kyla Asbury | Jul 25, 2018

CHARLESTON — DuPont has filed a lawsuit against Brown Houston regarding information disclosed to one of its former attorneys who now works for the firm.

Companies agree to $670 million settlement of C8 cases

By Kyla Asbury | Feb 13, 2017

PARKERSBURG – DuPont Co. has agreed to a $670.7 million settlement that with mid-Ohio Valley residents regarding C8 exposure from the company’s Parkersburg plant.

Man awarded $10.5M in punitive damages in DuPont C8 case

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 5, 2017

COLUMBUS – A federal jury awarded a $10.5 million in punitive damages in a case against DuPont regarding contamination of water supplies in the Parkersburg area.

Federal jury returns $2M verdict in third DuPont C8 case

By Chris Dickerson | Dec 21, 2016

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A federal jury has returned a $2 million verdict against DuPont in the third of 3,500 cases charging that DuPont knowingly contaminated drinking water at its facility near Parkersburg.

Jury tacks on $500K in punitives to $5.1M DuPont C-8 verdict

By Chris Dickerson | Jul 8, 2016

COLUMBUS – A federal jury has awarded a college professor $500,000 in punitive damages on top of $5.1 million in compensatory damages awarded earlier this week in the second DuPont C-8 bellwether trial.

Jury awards $5.1M in second DuPont C-8 bellwether trial

By Chris Dickerson | Jul 6, 2016

COLUMBUS – A federal jury has awarded a college professor $5.1 million in the second DuPont C-8 bellwether trial.

C8 trials pushed back to avoid holiday issues

By Kyla Asbury | Dec 14, 2015

PARKERSBURG – The next four trials in C8 litigation have been pushed back, so the second trial would not interfere with the holiday season. The second trial was supposed to begin on Nov. 30, but, as the first trial lasted longer than planned, if the second also lasted as long, it would interfere with the Christmas season. Kathy Brown of Kathy Brown Law said the second trial will now start on March 21.

Federal jury awards $1.6M to Ohio woman in DuPont C8 lawsuit

By Kyla Asbury | Oct 8, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A seven-member federal jury awarded $1.6 million to an Ohio woman who developed kidney cancer and claimed it was after drinking water contaminated with C8. The jury found Oct. 7 that Carla Marie Bartlett's kidney cancer was contracted after being exposed to C8 discharged by DuPont's Washington Works facility in Parkersburg into the Ohio River and her drinking water. The jury awarded Bartlett $1.1 million in damages due to DuPont's negligence, and $500,000 for emotional distres

Judge denies DuPont testimony, expert motions

By Jessica Karmasek | Aug 12, 2015

COLUMBUS, Ohio – A federal judge, for the most part, denied motions by DuPont asking the court to exclude certain testimony and experts in an ongoing mass tort against the chemical company by Mid-Ohio Valley residents who were exposed to C8 in their drinking water. Judge Edmund A.

Federal judge denies two motions filed in DuPont MDL

By Kyla Asbury | Jul 27, 2015

CHARLESTON – An Ohio federal judge has filed two orders denying DuPont's motion for summary judgment and its proposed causation experts. District Judge Edmund A.

DuPont partially granted summary judgment in C-8 contamination lawsuit

By Kyla Asbury | Jul 9, 2015

PARKERSBURG - DuPont was granted partial summary judgment in a 2013 lawsuit against it involving C-8 contamination. While it was granted partial summary judgment, DuPont still was denied summary judgment as it related to the conscious pain and suffering claims by two individuals; as it related to the battery claims of eight individuals; and as it related to conspiracy claims by three individuals. "Our main takeaway here is that, once again, DuPont has attempted to escape its obligations to mid

West Virginia's first Workforce Summit

By Earl Ray Tomblin | May 19, 2015

CHARLESTON – Earlier this month, I was proud to welcome West Virginians from across the state to the state’s first Workforce Summit — a comprehensive review of West Virginia’s past, present and future workforce development efforts.

C-8 medical monitoring invoices released

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 27, 2015

PARKERSBURG – A group has made public $9 million in invoices paid by DuPont to a firm that is overseeing the medical monitoring program for C-8 litigation.

Group launches website about DuPont C8 commitments

By Kyla Asbury | Jan 8, 2015

CHARLESTON - An organization whose goal is to hold DuPont accountable for commitments to the people of the Greater Mid-Ohio Valley was launched Wednesday with a website called Keep Your Promises DuPont.

C8 MDL cases flood federal courts

By Chris Dickerson | Nov 26, 2014

CHARLESTON – Thousands of lawsuits related to ongoing litigation against DuPont by Mid-Ohio Valley residents who were exposed to C8 in drinking water recently have flooded federal courts.

C8 medical monitoring program now available

By Chris Dickerson | Sep 5, 2014

PARKERSBURG – As of this week, tens of thousands of Mid-Ohio Valley-area residents who were exposed to C8 in drinking water are able to apply for a free C8 blood test and free medical screening to uncover diseases linked to C8 exposure.

DOJ, EPA settle with DuPont

By Bryan Cohen | Sep 1, 2014

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency have announced a settlement with E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company to resolve allegations of pollution law violations at its Kanawha County facility.

PERSONNEL FILE: Gentry joins Steptoe & Johnson as senior environmental consultant

By Staff reports | Aug 18, 2014

CHARLESTON – Joyce A. Gentry has joined Steptoe & Johnson PLLC’s office in Charleston as Senior Environmental Consultant.

Man says DuPont herbicide killed trees

By Annie Cosby | Apr 2, 2014

PRINCETON -- A Mercer County man is suing over claims a herbicide marketed as environmentally friendly actually causes the death of mature trees.

New batch of C-8 lawsuits being filed

By Chris Dickerson | Mar 19, 2014

PARKERSBURG – More than 300 C-8 lawsuits have been filed against DuPont in the last week, and more are coming.

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