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State leaders saddened by Loughry indictment, some again call for his resignation or impeachment

By Chris Dickerson | Jun 20, 2018

CHARLESTON – State government and legal leaders again are calling for suspended Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry to resign after a 22-count federal criminal indictment against him was unsealed.

Governor, legislative leaders seek Loughry's immediate resignation or impeachment

By Chris Dickerson | Jun 8, 2018

CHARLESTON – Gov. Jim Justice and legislative leaders from both side of the aisle say state Supreme Court Justice Allen Loughry should resign immediately.

Davis, Canterbury draw focus in second legislative audit report

By Chris Dickerson | May 21, 2018

CHARLESTON – The second part of an audit of the state Supreme Court took another look at use of state vehicles by justices and staff as well as other issues.

W.Va. ahead of the game when it comes to sports betting

By Chris Dickerson | May 15, 2018

CHARLESTON – A U.S. Supreme Court ruling makes sports gambling legal across the country, and West Virginia already is ahead of the game.

Man sues Ojeda, says state Senator violated his civil rights, got him fired

By Chris Dickerson | May 1, 2018

CHARLESTON – A Logan man has filed a lawsuit against state Senator and U.S. Congress candidate Richard Ojeda after he was fired from his job after posting a video of Ojeda illegally passing a car.

Carmichael calls state Supreme Court audit findings 'more of the same'

By Chris Dickerson | Apr 18, 2018

CHARLESTON – The president of the West Virginia Senate says he is dismayed by the “constant revelations about inappropriate spending” at the state Supreme Court.

Legislative audit focuses on state vehicle use by Ketchum, Loughry

By Chris Dickerson | Apr 16, 2018

CHARLESTON – Two West Virginia Supreme Court justices may have violated the state Ethics Act by driving state vehicles for personal use, according to a legislative audit.

Solution: revise HB 4009 and pass it again

By The West Virginia Record | Apr 3, 2018

House Bill 4009, capping the amount of settlement funds that the state Attorney General’s office can keep in its consumer protection fund, passed both houses of the Legislature by overwhelming margins, but was vetoed by Gov. Jim Justice.

With the foundation in place, state's future is limitless

By Ryan Ferns | Apr 3, 2018

CHARLESTON – Now that the dust has settled, and the static has quieted a little, I think there’s an opportunity to reflect a little bit ab​​​​​out the past couple of months in terms of wins and losses for our state’s taxpayers.

Wins for all: W.Va. royalty owners, counties will benefit from this session

By Charles Clements | Apr 3, 2018

CHARLESTON – The second session of the 83rd Legislature of West Virginia concluded on March 10, and while the session was dominated by the teachers strike, there were several important pieces of legislation passed to benefit the citizens of West Virginia.

West Virginia has reasons to be hopeful for the future

By Mitch Carmichael | Mar 20, 2018

CHARLESTON – As we take some time to reflect upon the conclusion of the 83rd Session of the West Virginia Legislature, there is an opportunity to remember the accomplishments of the previous year, think about areas where we could improve, and look toward the long-term progress of our wonderful state.

Legal groups didn't see many successes in legislative session

By Chris Dickerson | Mar 13, 2018

CHARLESTON – Those invested in the state’s legal system saw most court-related legislation take a backseat this session to the teacher work stoppage and subsequent pay raise bill.

Statewide teacher work stoppage ends with 5 percent raise agreement

By Chris Dickerson | Mar 6, 2018

CHARLESTON – After being closed 13 days because of a teacher work stoppage, schools across West Virginia opened March 7.

Jenkins, Morrisey go toe-to-toe over state's plan to stop drug problem

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 22, 2018

CHARLESTON – Two of the leading Republican candidates for Joe Manchin’s U.S. Senate seat continue to spar in a war of words.

Winking at McGraw, scowling at Morrisey

By The West Virginia Record | Feb 20, 2018

Ever since the departure of the previous state attorney general, whom they let do as he pleased for 20 years, the West Virginia ​​​​​House of Delegates has feigned concern that the reformer who replaced him might run amok. “Ironic” doesn't half describe it.

U.S. Attorney won't confirm, deny probe into state Supreme Court

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 19, 2018

CHARLESTON – The new U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of West Virginia will not confirm nor deny a federal investigation into the state Supreme Court.

Loughry voted out as Chief Justice; Workman takes over for rest of year

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 16, 2018

CHARLESTON – The West Virginia Supreme Court voted Feb. 16 to make Margaret Workman the Chief Justice effective immediately, removing Justice Allen Loughry from the position.

Senator introduces resolution to look into impeaching Loughry

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 16, 2018

CHARLESTON – A state Senator has introduced a resolution asking the House of Delegates to look into impeaching state Supreme Court Chief Justice Allen Loughry.

Senate approves bill that would create intermediate appellate court

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 15, 2018

CHARLESTON – The state Senate has passed a bill to create an intermediate court of appeals in West Virginia.

West Virginia is going in the right direction

By The West Virginia Record | Feb 13, 2018

“We all want progress,” C.S. Lewis once observed, “but. if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.”

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