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Butcher alleges he lost job due to his sexual preference

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Nov 12, 2018

HUNTINGTON — A butcher is suing a food company, alleging sexual discrimination and wrongful termination.

Former student accuses Collins Career Center of false educational accreditation advertisement

By Noddy A. Fernandez | Sep 5, 2018

CHARLESTON — A former student has filed a class action lawsuit against a career center facility, alleging breach of contract, fraud and negligent misrepresentation.

Student accuses Collins Career Center of constructive fraud

By Philip Gonzales | Aug 27, 2018

CHARLESTON — A student has filed a class action lawsuit against a career center and fire commission, alleging constructive fraud and unjust enrichment.

Master electrician accuses state, county education boards of retaliation

By Philip Gonzales | Aug 1, 2018

CHARLESTON — A master electrician is suing state and county education boards, alleging discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination.

Aviagen Turkeys alleged to have paid delivery driver straight-time rate for overtime work

By Philip Gonzales | Jul 20, 2018

LEWISBURG – A former delivery driver has filed a class-action lawsuit against a turkey supplier over allegations he was not paid the appropriate rate for overtime work.

Former worker accuses surveying company of human rights violations

By Bree Gonzales | Jun 14, 2018

RIPLEY — A title surveyor is suing a surveying company, alleging violation of human rights.

Another dancer says Southern Xposure didn't pay her properly

By Record staff | May 25, 2018

HUNTINGTON – An exotic dancer has filed a potential class action against the Southern Xposure chain of strip clubs, claiming the business violated state wage laws.

Certified medical assistant accuses former employer of discrimination

By Lhalie Castillo | Apr 27, 2018

BECKLEY — A certified medical assistant is suing her former employer, alleging discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination.

Woman sues Jackson County Commission for hostile work environment

By From staff reports | Apr 2, 2018

RIPLEY – A woman is suing the Jackson County Commission after she claims she was forced to quit after working in a hostile environment.

Employee files suit against A M Communications over allegedly unlawful pay practices

By Philip Gonzales | Feb 27, 2018

CHARLESTON – A service technician for a Suddenlink Communications subcontractor alleges he was not paid in a timely manner.

Bert Wolfe Inc. service mechanic alleges he was not paid in timely manner for warranty work

By Lhalie Castillo | Jan 3, 2018

CHARLESTON – A Kanawha County man alleges his auto dealer employer failed to pay him in a timely manner for certain work performed.

Certified nurse assistant alleges wrongful termination from Eldercare of Jackson County

By Lhalie Castillo | Nov 10, 2017

CHARLESTON – A certified nurse assistant alleges he was wrongfully terminated by a Jackson County long-term care and rehabilitation facility.

Man accuses Maxxim Shared Services of discrimination

By Kyla Asbury | Aug 4, 2017

CHARLESTON – A man is suing Maxxim Shared Services after he claims he was discriminated against and not allowed to return to work after a medical leave of absence.

Woman accuses Oak Ridge Center of discrimination

By Chris Dickerson | Aug 4, 2017

CHARLESTON – A woman is suing Oak Ridge Center after she claims she was discriminated against.

Woman sues TRG Customer Solutions for breach of contract

By Kyla Asbury | Aug 3, 2017

CHARLESTON – A woman is suing TRG Customer Solutions Inc. after she claims it told her she was hired for a position and then informed her she was no longer needed after she had quit her previous jobs.

Woman sues Genesis Healthcare for wrongful termination

By Kyla Asbury | Jul 28, 2017

CHARLESTON – A woman is suing Genesis Healthcare after she claims she was wrongfully terminated because she complained about policy not being followed.

Employee blames construction company for unjust terminiation

By Wadi Reformado | May 31, 2017

MOUNDSVILLE — An employee is suing a construction company, alleging wrongful termination after the plaintiff complained about the death of a worker.

Two more potential class actions filed against Southern Xposure strip clubs

By Chris Dickerson | Mar 31, 2017

BECKLEY – Two more potential class action lawsuits have been filed against a local chain of strip clubs for allegedly violating wage and payment laws.

Three wrongful termination lawsuits against contractor removed to federal court

By Kyla Asbury | Jan 23, 2017

CHARLESTON - Three lawsuits against Davis H. Elliot Construction alleging wrongful termination were removed to federal court.

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