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Couple blame Fed Ex for injury accident

By Robert Hadley | Apr 14, 2016

WHEELING – An Ohio County couple's lawsuit against a shipping service claims a company driver caused an injury accident last June involving the couple’s truck.

Accident with FedEx truck results in lawsuit

By Annie Cosby | Sep 8, 2014

BECKLEY -- A Raleigh County couple is suing over claims their car was damaged in a collision with a Federal Express Corporation truck.

Man accuses FedEx of wrongful termination

By Kyla Asbury | May 15, 2014

WHEELING - A former employee is suing Federal Express Corporation after he claims he was wrongfully retaliated against and wrongfully terminated from his employment.

Man settles suit after background check costs him job

By John O'Brien | Jul 17, 2013

HUNTINGTON – A man who claimed an inaccurate background check cost him a job has settled his lawsuit against three companies.

Man says inaccurate background check caused him to lose job offer

By Kyla Asbury | Dec 27, 2012

HUNTINGTON – A man is suing Energy Future Holdings Corporation after he claims it performed an inaccurate background check and caused a job offer to be rescinded.

Raleigh Co. woman says she was fired after complaining about FedEx boss

By Kelly Holleran | Oct 6, 2010

CHARLESTON – A Raleigh County woman claims her supervisors wrongly terminated her employment after she filed sexual harassment and discrimination charges against her boss.

Gay woman sued FedEx for discrimination, wrongful termination

By Kelly Holleran | Oct 5, 2010

HUNTINGTON – A homosexual woman claims she lost her job with FedEx because of her sexual orientation and in retaliation for a sexual harassment she had pending against her boss.

McGraw honors Wayne County victim of internet fraud

By Chris Dickerson | Feb 23, 2007

CHARLESTON -- West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw recently honored Wayne County resident Earl Walls by presenting him with a Consumer Protection Hero.

Watch out for fake check scams

By The West Virginia Record | Feb 2, 2007

CHARLESTON -- Could you become a victim of a fake check scam or a wire transfer scheme?

Hurricane man says wrongful firing was discriminatory

By Chris Dickerson | Mar 28, 2006

WINFIELD – A Hurricane man says he was a victim of discrimination after wrongly being fired after being off the job because of a work-related injury.

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