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Timing of lawsuit favorable to residents as Va. man currently in bankruptcy

By Lawrence Smith | May 17, 2007

CHARLESTON – Should the eight West Virginia residents who have a suit against an alleged private investigator prevail in court, they may stand a chance to collect any judgment they receive in spite of his pending bankruptcy.

C8 science panel requests DuPont worker study

By John O'Brien | Nov 22, 2006

Deitzler PARKERSBURG - The C8 science panel has asked and now hopes to receive.

Gustke hints at end to open Wood judgeship

By John O'Brien | Nov 14, 2006

PARKERSBURG - During the final moments of a lengthy hearing Monday, an attorney remarked to Arthur Gustke that the senior status judge is working a murder trial later in the week.

Settlement terms argued in DuPont case

By John O'Brien | Nov 14, 2006

Harry Deitzler PARKERSBURG - After three years of arguing, the two sides in a class action lawsuit brought against DuPont finally agreed on a settlement in August 2004.

Four asbestos suits filed jointly

By John O'Brien | Nov 10, 2006

CHARLESTON - Four plaintiffs groups jointly filed asbestos lawsuits recently in Kanawha Circuit Court.

CATCHING UP: Boy gets $40K settlement

By John O'Brien | Nov 1, 2006

CHARLESTON - At any given time, the Kanawha County Board of Education is dealing with 30-40 lawsuits filed against it.

Two asbestos cases filed

By John O'Brien | Oct 27, 2006

CHARLESTON - A pair of asbestos lawsuits were recently entered into Kanawha Circuit Court, one by a former mechanic who died last year and another by a former Buckhannon refractory plant worker.

Residents say DuPont impeding science panel

By John O'Brien | Oct 19, 2006

PARKERSBURG - Parkersburg-area residents say DuPont has tampered with the terms of a $107.8 million settlement stemming from a lawsuit that alleged the company exposed them to the chemical C8.

Lawyer says settlement produces science, not payout

By John O'Brien | Oct 10, 2006

Deitzler CHARLESTON - When Wood Circuit Judge George Hill put his signature on a $107.6 million settlement between a class of Parkersburg-area plaintiffs and DuPont last year, attorney Harry Deitzler knew he had a gold mine on his hands.

CATCHING UP: Not so fast for Salango

By John O'Brien | Sep 26, 2006

CHARLESTON - Winning his client's case couldn't have been easier for Charleston attorney Benjamin Salango.

Kanawha Board of Education sued

By John O'Brien | Sep 21, 2006

CHARLESTON - An employee of DuPont Middle School says he was slandered during a school board meeting last year.

Charleston lawyers all over federal class action cases

By John O'Brien | Aug 17, 2006

CHARLESTON - Attorney James Peterson can be excused for not leading the crusade against alleged organ-snatchers from New Jersey.

DiTrapano's bond denied

By Chris Dickerson | Jun 20, 2006

Dante DiTrapano CHARLESTON – Bond for Dante DiTrapano was denied Tuesday, leaving the embattled Charleston attorney in custody of U.S. Marshals.

DiTrapano arrested on gun charges

By Chris Dickerson | Jun 15, 2006

Dante DiTrapano CHARLESTON – Embattled Charleston attorney Dante DiTrapano was arrested Thursday on firearms possessions charges after another run-in with the law over the weekend.

Children of allegedly murdered woman seeking $10 million

By John O'Brien | Jun 15, 2006

CHARLESTON - Two children of a woman allegedly killed in a January murder-suicide are suing the estate of the man thought to be responsible for $10 million.

Moss drops DiTrapano as his agent

By Chris Dickerson | May 9, 2006

Dante DiTrapano CHARLESTON – NFL star Randy Moss has dropped embattled Charleston attorney Dante DiTrapano as his agent.

Peterson heading W. Va. involvement in nationwide organ-snatching problem

By John O'Brien | Mar 30, 2006

James Peterson CHARLESTON - It's hard to put a human face on a number as large as 13,000. Charleston attorney James Peterson has seen a couple of those faces, though. And he's seen the fear in them.

Mother blames Kanawha school board for son falling off bleachers

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 31, 2006

CHARLESTON – A mother blames the Kanawha County Board of Education for her son's fall from the top row of some bleachers in a school gymnasium.

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