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CATCHING UP: Boy gets $40K settlement

CHARLESTON - At any given time, the Kanawha County Board of Education is dealing with 30-40 lawsuits filed against it.

Two asbestos cases filed

CHARLESTON - A pair of asbestos lawsuits were recently entered into Kanawha Circuit Court, one by a former mechanic who died last year and another by a former Buckhannon refractory plant worker.

This Just In: Kanawha County

Oct. 13

Residents say DuPont impeding science panel

PARKERSBURG - Parkersburg-area residents say DuPont has tampered with the terms of a $107.8 million settlement stemming from a lawsuit that alleged the company exposed them to the chemical C8.

Lawyer says settlement produces science, not payout

Deitzler CHARLESTON - When Wood Circuit Judge George Hill put his signature on a $107.6 million settlement between a class of Parkersburg-area plaintiffs and DuPont last year, attorney Harry Deitzler knew he had a gold mine on his hands.

CATCHING UP: Not so fast for Salango

CHARLESTON - Winning his client's case couldn't have been easier for Charleston attorney Benjamin Salango.

Kanawha Board of Education sued

CHARLESTON - An employee of DuPont Middle School says he was slandered during a school board meeting last year.

Charleston lawyers all over federal class action cases

CHARLESTON - Attorney James Peterson can be excused for not leading the crusade against alleged organ-snatchers from New Jersey.

DiTrapano's bond denied

Dante DiTrapano CHARLESTON – Bond for Dante DiTrapano was denied Tuesday, leaving the embattled Charleston attorney in custody of U.S. Marshals.

DiTrapano arrested on gun charges

Dante DiTrapano CHARLESTON – Embattled Charleston attorney Dante DiTrapano was arrested Thursday on firearms possessions charges after another run-in with the law over the weekend.

Children of allegedly murdered woman seeking $10 million

CHARLESTON - Two children of a woman allegedly killed in a January murder-suicide are suing the estate of the man thought to be responsible for $10 million.

Moss drops DiTrapano as his agent

Dante DiTrapano CHARLESTON – NFL star Randy Moss has dropped embattled Charleston attorney Dante DiTrapano as his agent.

Peterson heading W. Va. involvement in nationwide organ-snatching problem

James Peterson CHARLESTON - It's hard to put a human face on a number as large as 13,000. Charleston attorney James Peterson has seen a couple of those faces, though. And he's seen the fear in them.

This Just In: Kanawha County

Jan. 11

Mother blames Kanawha school board for son falling off bleachers

CHARLESTON – A mother blames the Kanawha County Board of Education for her son's fall from the top row of some bleachers in a school gymnasium.

Foundation admits making error in 'Hellhole' report

After initially citing West Virginia as one of a handful of states where a lawsuit concerning chemical exposure was filed, the American Tort Reform Foundation admitted they had made a mistake.

ATRA exposed: Hellhole report nothing short of fraud

To consider the American Tort Reform Association's report a fair, scientific analysis of West Virginia's legal climate is ludicrous.

Supreme Court rules statute ran on Calwell case

Stuart Calwell Attorney Stuart Calwell of Charleston advertised that his firm would represent painters with breathing problems. Retired automobile painter John Edward Goodwin responded to the pitch, but got nothing because the Calwell firm waited too long to sue.