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Guardian blames housing care providers for resident's injuries

CHARLESTON — A legal guardian is suing housing care providers, alleging negligence in their care for a resident.

Woman sues Girl Scout Council for wrongful termination

PARKERSBURG – A former employee is suing Girl Scouts of Black Diamond Council Inc. after she claims she was wrongfully terminated for reporting theft.

Segal firm names almost 300 companies in each asbestos suit

CHARLESTON – The average number of companies targeted by some of the biggest asbestos firms in their lawsuits is in the triple-figures, according to recent statistics, forcing some, especially those in claims management, to question the strategy of plaintiffs’ lawyers.

WVU: Big East's motion to dismiss 'poorly veiled' move

LaCagnin MORGANTOWN - Lawyers for West Virginia University called the Big East Conference's legal argument in a motion to dismiss filed last week "self-defeating" and said the conference's move was a "poorly veiled attempt" at changing venues.

Call for AG reform is growing

McGraw CHARLESTON -- First came the class-action lawsuit, followed by state attorneys general using the power of their office in connection with private plaintiff lawyers to pursue such lawsuits. Millions of dollars from ensuring settlements poured into state coffers.