CHARLESTON - A couple are suing Ford after the throttle of their truck allegedly stuck, causing the truck to crash into a brick wall.

Howard E. Nease and Nancy Nease filed a lawsuit Nov. 22 in the United States District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia against Ford Motor Company, citing strict product liability, negligent design, manufacture and distribution, breach of warranty and loss of consortium.

According to the complaint, Howard Nease was involved in a single-car accident in his 2001 Ford Ranger.

The complaint claims the accident was a result of the throttle sticking or failing to return to the idle position, causing the Ranger to operate out-of-control and eventually crash into a brick wall.

The complaint alleges that during a potential failure mode and effects analysis, Ford identified a potential failure and hazard when the throttle would not return to idle position due to improper routing of any cable attached to the throttle body. The complaint further alleges that that Ford took no steps to conduct a recall or a post sale inspection of its Ford Ranger vehicles.

The Neases are seeking an undisclosed amount of damages, including punitive damages, costs and attorneys fees. They are being represented in the case by attorney L. Lee Javins II of Bucci Bailey & Javins LC, Edgar F. Heiskell III and Tony L. O'Dell.

United States District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia at Civil Action No. 3:13-cv-29840

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