Wheeling firm starts anti-bully campaign

By Chris Dickerson | Jan 16, 2014

WHEELING -- The law firm of Bordas & Bordas is awarding $7,500 to local high school seniors who stand  up for others.

The “Fighting for Justice” Award will honor a senior student from 15 high schools in Ohio, Marshall counties in West Virginia and Belmont County, Ohio.

The student, deemed as an “Anti-Bully Ambassador,” will receive $500 and recognition in the local media.

Jim Bordas, founding partner of the firm, said he wants to honor those who treat everyone equally and defend others who may be targeted for their differences.

“We want to recognize students who do the right thing,” Bordas said in a statement. “That includes treating everyone as equals, respecting differences in others, and standing up for individuals who are targeted or discriminated against.”

According to 2010 data from bullyingstatistics.org, about one in seven students in kindergarten through 12th grades is either a bully or has been a victim of bullying.

Moreover, nearly 56 percent of all students have witnessed a bullying incident take place while at school, and 71 percent say bullying is an ongoing problem.

Jamie Bordas, managing partner of the firm, said he hopes the award will motivate both the recipient and his or her peers to continue to stand up for others now and in the future.

“At Bordas & Bordas, we fight for justice every day for our clients,” he said in a statement. “We want to support those young people who do the same in their schools and communities.”

Jim Bordas emphasized that this award is not simply for the elite scholar or athlete.

“There are many awards for students who excel in academics and athletics but none for students who excel in kindness and courage. I want to recognize those kids,” he said.

Teachers, peers, coaches or community members may submit nominations. Nomination forms have been supplied to each high school in the three counties. Community members may nominate a student by downloading the form at bordaslaw.com or requesting a nomination form from communications@bordaslaw.com.

Bordas & Bordas is a plaintiff’s firm based in Wheeling that also has offices in Ohio. For more information, visit bordaslaw.com.

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