HUNTINGTON -- A woman is suing her former employer, alleging she never was paid her last paycheck after being fired.

Melissa Duncan, individually and on behalf of those similarly situated, filed a lawsuit Jan. 15 in Cabell Circuit Court against Alcon Research Ltd, citing violations of the wage payment and collection act.

The complaint alleges the defendant has failed to pay discharged employees all the wages due to them within the period of time mandated by the state. The plaintiff says after she was terminated from her employment on May 28, the defendant failed to pay her a final paycheck.

Duncan is seeking less than $75,000 in damages, plus costs and injunctive relief. She is being represented in the case by attorneys Rodney A. Smith, Jonathan R. Marshall of Bailey and Glasser LLP and Todd S. Bailess and Joy B. Mega of Bailess Law PLLC.

Cabell Circuit Court Case No. 14-C-63

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