BECKLEY -- A Raleigh County man is suing the Beckley Police Department, claiming unlawful termination.

Jarrod Allen Martin filed a lawsuit Jan. 2 in the Raleigh County District Court against the Beckley Police Department citing his police training was unlawfully terminated.

Martin alleges in the suit that Dec. 16 he was going through a taser training course at the police academy, when he was tased in the back, sustaining serious injuries, including three fractured vertebrae and a herniated disc.

Martin tried to seek local medical help to relieve the pain in his back, but to no avail. According to the suit, the defendant gave Martin an option of staying at the academy and getting an MRI or returning home to see his doctor. Martin chose to return home to seek out medical advice.

The defendant claimed that if Martin had his doctor send the necessary documentation he would be able to return to the academy. Martin fulfilled his duty, but was then told he could not return because when he left he had effectively quit the academy.

Martin is seeking damages in excess of $100,000. He is representing himself in the case.

Raleigh Circuit Court Case No. 14-C-4


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