HUNTINGTON -- A former probationary firefighter is suing, alleging he was subjected to a hostile work environment.

Seth W. Summers filed a lawsuit April 7 in the United States District Court at Huntington for the Southern District of West Virginia against the City of Huntington and Carl Eastham, citing violation of federal and state wage and hour laws, sexual harassment, sex discrimination, failure to reasonably accommodate and disability discrimination and harassment.

The complaint states Summers was hired by Huntington to work as a firefighter Aug. 20, 2012. Beginning around Feb. 27, 2013, firefighters began harassing Summers, which adversely affected his employment, according to the complaint.

In addition, Summers alleges he was required to work hours in excess of his shift without compensation and the defendants failed to accommodate his injuries. The plaintiff was wrongfully terminated for insubordination, unbecoming conduct and substandard evaluations, according to the complaint.

United States District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia Case No. 3:14-cv-14145

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