KEYSER -- An insurance company is suing to recover a payment made to cover water damage.

Scottsdale Indemnity Company filed suit May 27 in Mineral Circuit Court against Brewer & Company of West Virginia Inc.

According to the complaint, on Jan. 24, 2013, the Keyser Fire Department, insured by the plaintiff, incurred significant water damage after a pipe connector in the installed sprinkler system broke. The sprinkler system was installed by the defendant, who is responsible for damages totaling $30,045.98 paid out by the plaintiff, plus a $1,000 deductible, according to the suit.

The plaintiff is seeking judgement in the amount of $31,045.98, plus interest and other relief.

It is represented by Morgantown attorney Mary J. Grishkevich of the Law Offices of Khan & Wheeler.

Mineral Circuit Court Case No. 14-C-72

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