Morrisey urges students be cautious when opening credit accounts

By Chris Dickerson | Aug 21, 2014

CHARLESTON — Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is urging students to be vigilant about protecting their personal information when signing up for credit and debit cards as they return to school.

Every year, hundreds of consumers apply for and receive new debit or credit cards. Paying with a credit or debit card is convenient and has become second nature to many consumers. However, the resulting credit card debt can become a problem, and that type of debt is growing fastest among young adult consumers.

“Many students will start college with at least one credit or debit card in their wallet,” Morrisey said in a press release. “We encourage students to read the fine print and remain cautious when using their cards.

"It's also important to not simply sign up for a credit card because the company is offering you a free gift for enrolling.”

Students should research the bank or company offering the card to ensure it is reputable. Before enrolling, consumers also should make sure they understand the rates and fees associated with the card, including whether fees are imposed if no purchases are made. Additionally, students should keep their credit card information secure to protect themselves from scammers.

“Young consumers should spend the next few years enjoying college and focusing on their education,” Morrisey said. “Students should remain cautious when using their cards so they do not have to worry about credit card debt the rest of their lives.”

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