CHARLESTON – A carpet and cabinet business says an interior designer and a Kanawha County attorney owe more than $35,000 for materials for two closets and a laundry room renovation.

Nitro Carpet Outlet filed the lawsuit Aug. 28 against Larry Tucker dba Larry Tucker Designs and Cynthia M. Ranson.

In the complaint, Nitro Carpet Outlet claims Ranson, who operates Ranson Law Offices in Charleston with her husband Michael, hired Tucker to design, supply materials for and oversee construction of renovations to her Charleston home including two large closets or dressing rooms and a laundry room.

Tucker selected and purchased cabinets, wood trim and related items from Nitro Carpet. The total for the materials was $95,507.44.

Nitro Carpet says it received full payment of some invoices and partial payment of others. The total amount due, according to the complaint, is $34,836.06.

“All of the materials selected and purchased by Tucker were picked up by Tucker for delivery to and installation in Ranson’s home, with the exception of one or two minor items which remain available for pick up in Nitro Carpet’s warehouse,” the complaint states. “The last date upon which materials were delivered to Tucker for installation in Ranson’s home was December 7, 2013.”

The invoices attached to the complaint show $43,985.84 worth of materials were purchased for the master closet, $26,606.33 in materials for Mike Ranson’s closet and $5,621.10 in materials for the laundry room.

Nitro Carpet alleges a breach of contract, unjust enrichment and has filed a mechanic’s lien pursuant to its contracts with Tucker on the Ranson home.

Nitro Carpet seeks the amount due of $34,836.06 as well as accrued interest, court costs and expenses, attorney fees and collection costs.

The company is being represented by Johnson W. Gabhart of Johnston & Gabhart LLP in Charleston. The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Jennifer Bailey.

Kanawha Circuit Court case number 14-C-1561

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