WHEELING – An Ohio County man is suing over claims a relative was injured as a result of a CT scan.

Robert W. Taylor, executor of the estate of Sharon Ann Taylor, deceased, filed a lawsuit Aug. 6 in Ohio Circuit Court against Dr. Bernice F. Lim, Dr. James L. Comerci and Wheeling Hospital Inc., citing negligence.

According to the complaint, Sharon Taylor was treated by Lim, a medical student under the supervision of Comerci, at Wheeling Hospital on April 25, 2013, when she underwent a CT scan with and without contrast, a procedure which was later found to be unnecessary.

The complaint states Taylor asked the radiology technician for prophylactic medicine to counter the contrast medium but no protocol was taken to protect her kidneys prior to the CT scan.

According to the suit, Taylor developed renal failure and contrast-induced nephropathy which became complicated by hospital-acquired pneumonia, among other things.

The complaint states she was hospitalized two more times before passing away June 29, 2013.

Lim and Comerci are accused of negligence, and Comerci also is accused of negligent supervision. Wheeling Hospital is accused of vicarious liability and agency liability.

Lim and Wheeling Hospital were listed as defendants in two lawsuits in July related to a car accident.

According to the complaints, three people were in a vehicle on National Road in Wheeling in 2012 when it was struck by an Enterprise rental car driven by Lim in the course of her employment with Wheeling Hospital.

Robert Taylor is represented by attorneys R. Dean Hartley, Mark R. Staun and John Michael Prascik of Hartley & O'Brien in Wheeling. The case has been assigned to Circuit Judge Martin J. Gaughan.

Ohio Circuit Court case number 14-C-225

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