Couple blames home inspectors for missing roof problem

By Kelly Holleran | Oct 1, 2014

HUNTINGTON – Two Huntington residents have filed suit against the inspectors they hired before purchasing their home, saying the inspectors failed to reveal a costly roof problem.

Scott W. Andrews and Sondra B. Andrews allege they hired defendant American Home Inspector to inspect a home they planned to purchase from defendant Cornerstone Contractors.

On July 28, 2004, the Andrews purchased the home at 2 Woodlomond Place in Huntington after it passed an inspection performed by American Home Inspector, according to the complaint.

Nearly 10 years later, on July 17, the Andrews noticed a water spot on the wall of their dining room, the suit states. Suspecting that the spot may have been caused by a water hearer that sits on the opposite wall of the dining room, the plaintiffs arranged for a plumber to examine the problem, the complaint says.

The plumber arrived at their home July 28 and discovered that the water heater was not leaking. Instead, water was coming into the home through the roof in the space between the exterior and interior walls due to an improperly constructed roof, according to the complaint.

"Step-flashing was required in this area of the home due to the design of the home and the roof and the amount of water being channeled to this area, which creates a small alcove where the home and garage are joined," the suit states. "This design, coupled with the lack of flashing, resulted in water getting into the home over a long period of time and causing extensive damage including, but not limited to, the walls, the flooring, and the structural integrity of the southeast corner of the home."

Immediately, the Andrews began repairing their home, the complaint says. During their repairs, the Andrews allege plumbers discovered the sink in the half-bath on the first floor of their home was not properly connected to the plumbing system, causing additional damage to the floor.

The Andrews were forced to purchase a new roof for their home, the suit states.

The Andrews say Cornerstone, which constructed their home, negligently failed to install proper flashing on the roof, failed to install proper gutters and failed to properly connect the bathroom sink to the plumbing system.

The couple also names American Home Inspectors as a defendant, saying it failed to detect and report on roof and gutter problems.

They seek economic damages, plus pre- and post-judgment interest, costs, attorneys' fees, punitive damages and other relief the court deems just.

Jon D. Hoover and Scott W. Andrews of Hoover Andrews in Barboursville will represent them.

Circuit Judge Jane Hustead has been assigned to the case.

Cabell Circuit Court case number 14-C-580

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