CHARLESTON – A statewide legal reform group has started a campaign highlighting what it calls "jackpot justice, lawsuit greed, and the controversial 'Learjet Justice' story."

Roman Stauffer of West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse said Wednesday his group wants to educate the public about issues in the state's legal system.

“We kicked off our public education effort today to once again highlight lawsuit greed, jackpot justice, and greedy personal injury lawyers who are taking advantage of our legal system," Stauffer said. "Additionally, we continue to focus on 'Learjet Justice' because Justice Robin Davis, her husband, and an out-of-state personal injury lawyer who purchased a million dollar airplane from them continue to avoid answering questions about their connections as a major case handled by the out-of-state lawyer was coming before then Chief Justice Robin Davis and the Supreme Court of Appeals."

Stauffer said CALA also hopes to inform West Virginians about last month's annual report from the American Tort Reform Foundation that labeled the state’s legal system, particularly the Supreme Court of Appeals, a “Judicial Hellhole.”

“The Judicial Hellholes report highlights significant legal issues in our state that need to be addressed," Stauffer said. "These issues make it difficult to move our state forward, attract job creators, and grow our existing businesses.

"Passing legal reforms is an economic development package that will help all West Virginians. We’re hopeful the new legislative leaders act to reform our legal system and bring our state more into the national mainstream."

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