CHARLESTON – West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (WV CALA) has announced the organization’s board of directors has selected Greenbrier County small business owner and job creator Duane Zobrist to serve as Chairman for 2015.

“I am very excited about serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors of WV CALA," Zobrist said. "As a job creator with dozens of employees, I understand the direct impact that abusive lawsuits can have on a small business and our community.

"I look forward to working with WV CALA’s 30,000 grassroots members to advocate for fairer courts and much-needed legal reforms that would bring West Virginia more competitive with surrounding states and help attract more job creators to West Virginia."

Zobrist owns an outdoor adventures company that operates recreational and team-building activities in Greenbrier Country and other areas. He owns several other small businesses and leads a speaking, consulting, and organizational performance firm focusing on business, family and collegiate leadership.

Also, the WV CALA Board of Directors expressed gratitude to former chairwoman Terry Waxman for her leadership and commitment to stopping lawsuit abuse. In November, Waxman was elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates in District 48. Waxman will continue to advocate for fairer state courts in the House of Delegates in her new role on the House Judiciary Committee.

“WV CALA has been very fortunate to have two very strong legal reform leaders in succession with Duane Zobrist and Terry Waxman," WV CALA Executive Director Roman Stauffer said. "They understand the importance of a fair and impartial legal system for all West Virginians.

"Our board and grassroots members cannot thank Delegate Terry Waxman enough for her many years of leadership on legal reform, which has helped WV CALA become an influential voice on legal reforms in West Virginia."

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