CLARKSBURG – A woman is suing Turner Broadcasting Company and Hadley Media for injuries she sustained in a funhouse.

On April 25, Hadley had set up an inflatable funhouse at the Morgantown Mall, as part of Turner's efforts to organize adult funhouse activities throughout the country, according to a complaint filed Jan. 15 in Monongalia Circuit Court and removed to federal court on Feb. 18.

Sarah Lutz claims she entered the funhouse and was exiting it when she caught her leg on the top of the slide and tumbled to the bottom.

This was caused by one of Hadley's employees insisting that Lutz descend down the slide in a dangerous and unsafe manner not appropriate for someone to exit the slide nor in the manner in which Lutz had anticipated descending the slide, according to the suit.

Lutz claims once she was at the bottom of the slide it became apparent to her that she was significantly injured.

Due to the violence of the fall, Lutz was unable to move from the bottom of the slide under her own power and EMS was required to assist her into the ambulance, according to the suit.

Lutz claims she sustained serious and lasting injuries and was transported to Ruby Memorial Hospital, where she was treated for the injuries.

Because of her injuries, Lutz was unable to properly function in a normal manner and lost her job, according to the suit.

Lutz is seeking compensatory and punitive damages. She is being represented by Lance E. Rollo.

The case is assigned to District Judge Irene Keeley.

U.S. District Court for the Northern District of West Virginia case number: 1:15-cv-00028

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