WASHINGTON – Last week, we surpassed the 100-day mark in the new Senate.

We are already making good progress on the issues we set out to tackle in January.

One of these issues was resolved last week when the Senate passed a bill to improve Medicare access for seniors and extend health insurance for children in West Virginia and across the country.

This bipartisan legislation permanently replaces the Medicare’s Sustainable Growth Rate formula and ensures seniors in need of outpatient rehabilitation services have access to affordable care when they need it.

For West Virginia’s children and rural communities, this bill also provides critical funding for the bipartisan State Children's Health Insurance and Secure Rural Schools Programs.

This was a priority outlined in my maiden speech, and I was proud to cast my vote for this important legislation.

In my maiden speech before the Senate, I also highlighted the need to pass a long-term highway bill.

This will give state and local transportation authorities the certainty that they need to invest in improvements to our infrastructure system – boosting the economy, creating jobs, improving safety and benefiting all West Virginians.

Over the coming weeks, I will continue to fight for much needed infrastructure funding.

One last item I would like to update you on is my recent trip to the Middle East, where I had the opportunity to meet with military and political officials and visit with U.S. troops from West Virginia.

A special thanks to our brave men and women overseas for their service – meeting you was a true honor for me.

I am apprehensive about the administration’s framework for a nuclear deal with Iran that was announced while my colleagues and I were visiting the region.

A final deal that risks U.S. security should be shared with the American people.

I strongly believe that any final deal with Iran should be subject to congressional approval, which is why I am pleased that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee unanimously passed legislation to require input from Congress.

I will look forward to supporting this bill when it comes to the Senate floor.

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Capito is West Virginia's junior United States senator.

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