Woman sues Raven Crest Mining for sexual harassment

By Chris Dickerson and Kyla Asbury | May 15, 2015

CHARLESTON – A former employee is suing Raven Crest Mining after she claims she was sexually harassed by her manager.

Xintergy Ltd.; Xinergy Corp.; Xinergy of West Virginia Inc.; Raven Crest Mining LLC; Raven Crest Leasing LLC; Raven Crest Contracting LLC; Raven Crest Minerals LLC; South Fork Coal Company LLC; Jack Hagewood; Gregory "Bernie" Mason; Jack Easter; Les Hensley; and Bobby E. Hypes Jr.

Xintergy Ltd., Xinergy Corp., Xinergy of West Virginia Inc., Raven Crest Mining LLC, Raven Crest Leasing LLC, Raven Crest Contracting LLC, Raven Crest Minerals LLC, South Fork Coal Company LLC, Jack Hagewood, Gregory "Bernie" Mason, Jack Easter, Les Hensley, and Bobby E. Hypes Jr. were all named as defendants in the suit.

Pamela Myles was employed as an office secretary by the defendants and was assigned to work at the South Fork mine site, according to a complaint filed in Kanawha Circuit Court.

Myles claims Hagewood, the defendants' vice president, habitually and chronically preyed upon female employees and female contractors at the defendants' West Virginia mine sites in Boone, Kanawha and Greenbrier counties.

Among other things, Hagewood intimidated females, threatened to end or interfere with their employment and required them to watch him masturbate, according to the suit.

The other defendants ignored repeated complaints from females and laughed off Hagewood's conduct as harmless, according to the suit.

Myles claims eventually, Hagewood's conduct escalated and, under the threat of losing their jobs, he started requiring females to perform sexual acts without their consent and the defendants were unable to continue to overlook his conduct.

Rather than acknowledge the seriousness of these offenses, the defendants allowed Hagewood to resign and receive severance pay, according to the suit.

Myles claims Hagewood became vice president of operations on July 1, 2011, and subjected her to unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature during her employment.

Hagewood's unwelcome conduct and sexual harassment was directed toward, at least, four females over the course of at least two years, according to the suit.

Myles claims in February 2014, Hagewood came into her office and found her alone. After going to the restroom, he came back and showed her a picture on his cell phone of his erect penis and told her not to tell anyone.

Myles was humiliated and complained to Hypes, who was her supervisor, who later informed her he had reported the incident to Mason, the president of Xinergy and the manager of the corporate defendants, according to the suit.

However, no disciplinary action was taken against Hagewood and he was knowingly permitted to continue to stalk women at the Raven Crest and South Fork Coal Company mine sites, according to the suit.

Myles claims due to the sexual harassment and the sexually hostile work environment, she suffered damages, humiliation, embarrassment and mental anguish.

Myles is seeking compensatory and punitive damages. She is being represented by Maria W. Hughes and Mark Goldner of Hughes & Goldner PLLC.

Myles' lawsuit was previously filed in Boone Circuit Court, along with another similar lawsuit filed by Janet K. Williams.

Hughes said the defendants argued in Myles' case that the case lacked venue in Boone County. Because some of the defendants lived in Kanawha County, the case was re-filed.

Williams' lawsuit will remain in Boone County.

Kanawha Circuit Court case number: 15-C-631

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