Your article about this poor woman in Cabell County is like a page taken out of my life.

I know what she's going through as a Workers' Comp victim and an sympathetic disorder victim from a work-related injury. I'd have to look up the papers to get the dates but I, too, was denied medical treatment for RSD because WC wasn't recognizing the RSD diagnosis, only the initial leg injury.

The issue was finally resolved, but I don't remember the process as there have been so many. Thankfully I keep all paperwork in files.

Most people don't know what the pain and suffering of RSD is like -- not only the vicious physical pain, but the way it devastates every little aspect of your life. The burning, the sensitivity to clothing & touch, harsh muscle spasms -- it takes control of your body.

This once little known of disease has been around since the Civil War. The RSDSA Organization does a lot to help with education, awareness and funds for research. Children as young as 3 can get this horrible nerve disease.

I wish most sincerely that Ms. Kathy Egnor will be able to get the treatments she needs for RSD as soon as humanly possible. I will keep her in my prayers, and she's not alone.

Thanks for caring enough to write Ms. Egnor's story.

Most Sincerely,
Sara Carpenter
Craigsville, W.Va.

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