Other Ford trucks are lemons

By The West Virginia Record | Jan 26, 2006

I found your article on the Internet concerning the Coopers' 2004 F350 truck and thought you might like to know of another Ford with problems.

I no longer live in West Virginia because of doing 20 years in the Marine Corps, but I still love the state.

We purchased our 2005 F350 in September 2004. All was well until Aug. 31, 2005. It started overheating that day and went into the shop on Sept. 1. It was in the shop from Sept. 1 to Sept. 12 in Wytheville Va.

On Sept. 13, we broke down 23.5 miles south of Beckley on the West Virginia Turnpike. Again in for repairs, it had to have a new output hose and clamp put on the turbocharger.

On Sept. 14, the check engine light came on just south of Washington, Pa., and it went in the shop for a new turbocharger,then the main fuel under the hood came loose while driving.

The truck then went into the shop for starting problems and they replaced the high pressure oil pump and a sensing unit.

Once back at home, I left to go to another town and had to return because of vibration problems. Back to the shop, where they replaced the drive shaft and carrier bearing. They also replaced all bearings in the differential assembly.

I can't get Ford to replace the truck because it is over 10,000-pound gross weight and it has over 18,000 miles on it, even though none of the problems started until just short of 12,000 miles.

I have written letters and made several calls to no avail.

It isn't just our truck. You can look up the problems on the numerous Ford Web sites.

Ernie Milam
Chief Warrant Officer USMC Ret.
Jacksonville, N.C.

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