W.Va. Chamber endorsements

By The West Virginia Record | Oct 25, 2006

Here is a list of the endorsements of The West Virginia Chamber of Commerce's Chamber PAC for the 2006 General Election. According to the Chamber's Web site, these endorsements were considered after candidate questionnaires were provided to each legislative candidate and after a phone interview with many candidates in key races. Recommendations to the Chamber PAC committee also were provided by the Chamber's Government Relations Committee.

West Virginia Senate (By District)
2nd – Larry Edgell (D)
3rd – J. Frank Deem (R)
4th – Mike Hall (R)
5th – Evan Jenkins (D)
7th – Ron Stollings, M.D. (D)
8th – Mark Plants (R)
9th – Mike Green (D)
9th – Russ Weeks (R)
10th – Jesse Guills (R)
11th – Harold Sigler (R)
12th – Joseph Minard (D)
13th – Michael Oliverio (D)
14th – David Sypolt (R)
15th – Walt Helmick (D)
17th – Brooks McCabe (D)

House of Delegates (By District)
1st – Randy Swartzmiller (D)
2nd – Timothy Ennis (D)
3rd – Scott Reed (R), L. Gil White (R)
4th – Scott Varner (D)
5th – Dave Pethtel (D)
6th – William Romine (R)
7th – Lynwood Ireland (R)
8th – Bill Anderson (R)
9th – Larry Boarder (R)
10th – Tom Azinger (R), J.D. Beane (D), Fred Gillespie, M.D. (R)
11th – Bob Ashley (R)
12th – Mitch Carmichael (R)
14th – Troy Andes (R)
15th – Kevin Craig (D), James Morgan (D), Carol Miller (R)
16th – Doug Reynolds (D), Greg Howard (R), Tommy Smirl (R), Kelli Sobonya (R)
17th – Lisa Peana (R)
20th – Steve Kominar (D)
22nd – Richard Browning (D), Jack Fincham (R)
23rd – Cliff Moore (D)
24th – Eustace Frederick (D)
25th – Marshall Long (D)
26th – Gerald Crosier (D)
27th – Virginia Mahan (D), Ron Thompson (D), Linda Sumner (R)
28th – Thomas Campbell (D), Ray Canterbury (R)
29th – David Perry (D), John Pino (D), Margaret Staggers (D)
30th – Jon Amores (D), Corey Palumbo (D), Kim Holmes (R), Phil Raines (R), Mike Stuart (R)
31st – Charles Minimah (R)
32nd – Tim Armstead (R), Patrick Lane (R)
33rd – William Stemple (D)
36th – Joe Talbott (D)
37th – William Hartman (D), Bill Proudfoot (D)
38th – Doug Stalnaker (D)
39th – Bill Hamilton (R)
41st – Samuel Cann (D)
42nd – Jeffery Tansill (R)
43rd – Rick Starn (R), Chuck Mullett (R)
44th – Robert Beach (D),Cindy Frich (R), Jim Manilla (R)
45th – Larry Williams (D)
46th – Deborah Stevens (R)
47th – Harold Michael (D)
48th – Allen Evans (R)
49th – Robert Schadler (R), Jerry Detrick (D)
50th – Royce Saville (D)
51st – Daryl Cowles (R)
53rd – Jonathan Miller (R)
54th – Walter Duke (R)
55th – John Overington (R)
56th – Robert Tabb (D)
57th – John Doyle (D)
58th – Locke Wysong (D)

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