Legal News Line examines state AGs, Supreme Courts

By The West Virginia Record | Jan 11, 2007

Legal NewsLine (LNL) is a new information service providing daily, national news coverage of state Attorneys General and state Supreme Courts.

Today, our states' top cops -- Attorneys General -- are playing an increasingly activist role in their stands against insurance companies, auto makers and utility companies. Suing big business has become a routine means of accomplishing what cannot otherwise be done legislatively.

Of course, when anti-business legislation is enacted, some AGs stand and cheer. For example, Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann last week commended new Gov. Ted Strickland's veto of a bill that would have limited lawsuits against lead-pigment manufacturers.

Our state Supreme Courts also are getting in on the act. In Nevada, the Supreme Court recently sanctioned a defense attorney who criticized frivolous litigation during several lawsuit trials involving insurers in 2004.

The focus of LNL coverage -- which can be found online at -- is to analyze decisions/rulings and provide readers with context and perspective.

LNL will connect the dots from state-to-state, providing a national blue print of the activities of Attorneys General and state Supreme Courts.

Never before has a single information news source endeavored to cover these important public offices.

We hope you'll stay tuned.

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