Jack Houvouras, publisher of Huntington Quarterly, presents a check for $4,000 to Sharon Porter, president of the Marshall University Alumni Association.

HUNTINGTON -- Marshall University's Alumni Association received its first check last week from the Huntington Quarterly magazine based on sales of the publication's 140-page special edition about the Warner Bros. picture, "We Are Marshall."

The publisher of Huntington Quarterly pledged $3 per copy of the issue sold through the Marshall University Web site.

"The Marshall University Alumni Association is very appreciative of the efforts of Jack Houvouras and HQ Publishing," said Tish Littlehales, director of alumni relations at Marshall. "We were thrilled to partner with him in this project. Jack is an excellent example of a successful Marshall alumnus and we thank him for his generosity."

"We are happy to support the university through sales of this special issue," said Houvouras, a 1988 graduate of Marshall and the publisher of Huntington Quarterly. "The movie was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the entire Huntington community, and we wanted to publish a keepsake edition of the magazine so people could remember this time for years to come. And it only seemed fitting to share the proceeds with the university."

Houvouras said the issue was extremely popular with the local Huntington community as well as Marshall alumni throughout the United States, necessitating several re-printings. The magazine was the fastest selling item in the history of Empire Books in downtown Huntington and to date has sold 15,000 copies nationwide.

On Jan. 10, a fire destroyed the office building where Huntington Quarterly's offices were located, but fortunately some 15,000 copies of the special edition were being stored at a different location across town. The magazine staff has relocated to temporary office space for the time being and are busy filling orders each day for the special "We Are Marshall" issue.

The magazine is being sold in the Huntington area at Empire Books, Borders, the MU Bookstore and Jim's Restaurant. In the Charleston area, the magazine can be found at Taylor Books and Marquee Cinemas Southridge.

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