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by Chris Dickerson |
Dec. 1, 2005, 5:43am


New civil filings in Kanawha Circuit Court Nov. 21-25:

Monday, Nov. 21

City National Bank vs. Katrina J. Boggess Parrigan and Glenn M. Nichols

City National claims Parrigan and her ex-husband defaulted on a home loan of $94,794.27. The bank claims Nichols, a former lawyer, didn’t record the deed properly with the Kanawha County Clerk, thus the bank wasn’t notified when a lien was placed on the property, which was purchased by another party. The bank seeks the value of the property from Nichols and repayment of fees.

Case number: 05-C-2610

Tuesday, Nov. 22

Frances K. Meadows and Beverly Meadows vs. Maria Dooley and State Farm

Frances Meadows claims State Farm owes her up to $250,000 after a Nov. 28, 2003, automobile accident. She says State Farm should pay her medical bills or provide benefits from underinsured motorist coverage in her and Beverly Meadows’ policies.

Case number: 05-C-2614

Wednesday, Nov. 23

John H. Lewis and Tammy J. Lewis vs. Cecil Tankersley and Marta Tankersley

The Lewis’ claim the Tankersleys didn’t disclose a defect in a home they purchased from them on April 16, 2005. Four days after moving in, the Lewis’ saw water running into the basement from the foundation and down the basement walls. In disclosure statements before the sale, Marta Tankersley attested that water never had been in the basement. Repair estimates range up to $60,000.

Case number: 05-C-2617

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