A Monongalia County man claims county officials are in violation of 10 different statutory requirements as set by the commission, and he believes he has the evidence to prove it.

Lawrence W. Bartolo says the Monongalia County Deputy Sheriff Civil Service Commission, with the help of Richard Gutman, James Casino and Marjorie Kelly, is failing to follow direct statutory requirements and established case law.

In the suit filed Dec. 8 in the Monongalia Circuit Court, Bartolo adamantly alleges that the commission, with Gutman, Casino and Kelly, are exercising powers that exceed their authority. He also believes they have engaged in discriminatory practices and treatments of the new deputy applicants.

The suit alleges 10 separate violations of the direct statutory requirements that include, but are not limited to, discriminating against new deputy applicants, engaging in discriminatory practices against the new deputy applicants, exercising authority over the new deputy applicants, exercising its authority beyond the direct statutory requirements and failing to follow established case law as set by the commission prior to this year.

In his suit, he also presents more than 25 pieces of evidence supporting his claim. This evidence includes numerous internal commission memos, letters written to Gutman, Casino, Kelly and the Monngalia County Deputy Sheriff Civil Service Commission to inform them of violations, evidence of the discrimination against new deputy applicants, memos detailing discriminatory practices against new deputy applicants and interviews of former deputy applicants.

Monongalia Circuit Court case number: 05-C-728

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