This just in: Cabell County

By The West Virginia Record | Dec 22, 2005

Tuesday, Dec. 13:
Karen Estep Stewart vs. Drs. A. Betts Carpenter, Linda Brown, Paul Durst and Teresa Limgoco, University Physicians and Surgeons Inc., the Marshall University Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine and the Marshall University Board of Governors
PA-Mark R. Staun, J-Cummings

  • Stewart claims the pathologists misinterpreted her husband's tumor, which resulted in his death. The suit also claims the physicians should have been required to consult national experts on sift tissue tumors. Estep is seeking damages for her husband's pain and suffering.

    Wednesday, Dec. 14:

    PA-Michael A. Frye, J-Pancake
  • Chris and Erin Hutchinson had an insurance policy with Vigilant Insurance Company that covered their home and its contents when their home was broken into on Dec. 15, 2004. The couple claims they lost $113,914 in property in the break-in and is seeking reimbursement.
    Cabell County Circuit Court case number: 05-C-1069

    Monday, Dec. 19:

    Robert Cox vs. Jacqueline Gooch, Thompson's Auto Service Inc.
    PA-Stephen P. New, J-Cummings
  • Cox claims his neighbor, Gooch, had his car towed after he threatened to call the authorities if she didn't cease the domestic violence activities in her home. Cox also claims Thompson's Auto Service has refused to return his car. He is seeking the return of his car and compensatory damages.

    Tuesday, Dec. 20:

    Betty Lou Lockhart vs. The Cafaro Company, Inc.
    PA- Larry O. Ford, J-Pancake
  • Lockhart claims she tripped over a curb at the Huntington Mall on January 20, 2004. The suit alleges there was inadequate lighting in the area and was unable to see the curb before she tripped over it. She is seeking damages in an amount not to exceed $75,000.

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