This Just In: Ohio County

by Brandon Smith |
Feb. 3, 2006, 12:52am

Jan. 13
Daniel J. Kirby and Misty D. Kirby vs. DaimlerChrysler Motors Company LLC and Capitol Chrysler Inc.
PA-Richard E. Holtzapfel; J-Eagloski
* The couple claims a 2003 Chrysler Vogager they purchases on June 17, 2003, is a lemon. They seek to have the contract voided.
Case number: 06-C-9

Jan. 3
U.S. Fire Insurance Company & The North River Insurance Company vs. Discover Property & Casualty Insurance Company & Discovery Managers, Ltd.
PA-Clarence E. Martin, III; J-Wilson

  • The plaintiff uses the following points against the
    defendant: defense and investigation, indemnity, excess, and the
    defendant's breach of contract.
    Case number: 06-C-3

    Jan. 5
    Hubert L. Carmichael vs. Marc D. Levenson & Jon D. Levenson
    PA-Jeffrey W. McCamic; J-Wilson
  • The plaintiff claims ownership (title) of land in dispute by
    both parties by reason of two deeds and by the WV Code.
    Case number: 06-C-4

    Jan. 6
    Citibank South Dakota N.A. vs. Marvin J. Fluharty
    PA-Kenneth G. Belt, Andrea K. Reynolds, Ashley A. Lawson; J-Gaughan
  • The defendant owes the plaintiff $28,051.52 plus 10 per cent
    interest per annum until paid according to an account debt.
    Case number: 06-C-5

    Bernard L. Samuel vs. Noah Chesbrough
    PA-Cynthia M. Porta-Clark; J-Gaughan
  • The two parties were involved in a motor vehicle accident in
    which the defendant hit the plaintiff in a head-on collision. The
    plaintiff claims the accident was due to the defendant's negligence
    and that it caused severe and serious injuries to the plaintiff.
    Case number: 06-C-6

    Jan. 9
    Mary M. Robbins vs. Catherine C. Coleman, M.D.
    PA-Jeffrey V. Kessler; J-Wilson
  • Plaintiff tripped over a scale in the defendant's examination room. She is suing for injuries, including a possible knee replacement.
    Case number: 06-C-7

    Jan. 11
    City of Wheeling vs. Howard Crash, et al.
    PA-Rosemary Humway-Warmuth; J-Mazzone
  • Plaintiff is suing the defendant for negligence in maintaining its property.
    Case number: 06-C-9

    Jan. 12
    Citibank South Dakota, N.A. vs. Ryan T. Sheehan
    PA-Kenneth G. Belt; J-Gaughan
  • Breach of contract.
    Case number: 06-C-10

    Amerifirst Home Improvement Finance Co. vs. Jerry Dowd, Sr. & Donna Dowd
    PA-Jeffrey J. Gould; J-Mazzone
  • Defendant allegedly owes the plaintiff $22,596.60 plus
    pre-judgment interest at the rate of $14.22 per centum per annum from
    the date of May 31, 2005, until the date of judgment due to an account debt.
    Case number: 06-C-11

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