CHARLESTON -- The mother of a Herbert Hoover High School student is suing the school board and parents of the girl who beat her daughter into unconsciousness last year.

Tamara L. Bowen filed suit against Kanawha County Board of Education and Edward and Lisa Hughes in Kanawha County Circuit Court Jan. 19.

Bowen claims her daughter, Jessica Dorsey was the victim of an unprovoked attack by Kayla Hughes on Sept. 23, 2005, as they exited the school's gym into the hallway following a school assembly. The high school is located in Clendenin.

"...Kayla Hughes grabbed Jessica Dorsey from behind by the hair of her head and slammed her into a door," the complaint states. "Kayla then proceeded to wrap both of her arms around Jessica's upper body, pick her up and slam her head first into the floor.

"As she lay stunned and dazed, Kayla Hughes then proceeded to get on top of Jessica Dorsey and pummel her, hitting her and slamming her head into the floor.

"This attack by Kayla Hughes rendered Jessica Dorsey unconscious and caused her to have multiple seizures."

According to the complaint, Kayla Hughes ran from the scene and later bragged about the attack.

The six-count suit alleges assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence on the school's part.

Bowen is represented by Richard Holtzapfel of Hurricane.

She claims the school knew that Kayla Hughes had a history of violent and aggressive behavior, but took no measures to warn or protect other students.

Bowen also claims that her daughter was admitted to the hospital into the intensive care unit.

"No board employee ever even bothered to check on Jessica Dorsey's condition as she lay hospitalized following the attack," the complaint states.

Dorsey, who continues to be under the care of a neurologist, sustained broken bones in her face, seizures and headaches, Bowen claims.

She is seeking damages in an amount sufficient to confer the jurisdiction of the court, attorney fees and costs and other relief.

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