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By Chris Dickerson | Feb 17, 2006

Jan. 20

Jan. 20
Kimberly Bryant vs. Western Inventory Service Inc and Dominica Harper and Joe Blondheim
PA-Jason Goad (Hunt & Serreno); J-Bloom
* Bryant says Harper threatened, assaulted and battered her while both were working for Western Inventory. Blondheim was their supervisor.
Case number: 06-C-111

Karen Taylor and Ashley Taylor vs. John Kline
PA-Ryan A. Brown; J-Walker
* The plaintiffs say they paid $15,883.44 for Kline's tuition to the University of Charleston, and they want him to repay them.
Case number: 06-C-114

Edward Ralph Hartsog vs. Laidley Tower LLC and Tomorrow 32 Laidley Tower LP
PA-Rodney T. Berry; J-Berger
* The Raleigh County man blames the owners of Charleston's Laidley Tower for his fall on unmarked steps that caused him to suffer injuries to his head, neck, elbow and knee, as well as facial laceration. Also, his eyeglasses were broken.
Case number: 06-C-115

WeSave Inc. vs. Jane Doe One, John Doe One, Jane Doe Two, John Doe Two, Jane Doe Three, John Doe Three, Jane Doe Four, John Doe Four
PA-David Allen Barnette; J-King
* The plaintiff says unknown hackers accessed its computer system and deleted information with the intent to alter, tamper with, delete, damage and destroy information knowingly and willfully" in violation of the West Virginia Computer Crime and Abuse Act.
Case number: 06-C-117

Dale Holstein vs. James Luikart Jr.
PA-Timothy J. LaFon; J-Bloom
* The plaintiff claims the defendant didn't complete tasks provided for in a contract for the sale of a St. Albans home. Those tasks include cleaning, removing trash, painting, installing a commode and grouting tile.
Case number: 06-C-118

Navistar Financial Corporation vs. Thomas L. Huffman and Charlotte R. Huffman
PA-Dennis N. Broglio; J-Stucky
* Navistar wants to repossess a 1999 International Truck the defendants bought in 1999 after they defaulted on loan payments.
Case number: 06-C-119

State of West Virginia by Donald H. Pardue, acting commissioner, Bureau of Employment Programs, Unemployment Compensation Division vs. Ronald E. Seldomridge dba Graphix Unlimited
PA-Mary Blaine McLaughlin; J-King
* The state seeks to enjoin and restrain defendant from continuing to carry on his business in which a liability for multiple defaulted unemployment tax payments, late reports, accrued interest and penalty has been created.
Case number: 06-C-120

Jan. 25
Mark Jones, Deborah Jones, individually and as next friends of Kylie Gobel, Dylan Jones and Karey Jones, their minor children vs. WV Department of Transportation, Division of Highways
PA-James M. Cagle; J-Kaufman
* The South Charleston family says draining work done by the DOH has caused them to lose their home and surrounding property and to suffer ill health effects."
Case number: 06-C-128

Daniel Petroff vs. Elkem Metals Company – Alloy LP, Elkem Metals Inc.
PA-Bruce L. Freeman; J-Berger
* Petroff of Seth says Elkem negligently caused him to fall off a 12-foot ladder while working at the plant for a contractor.
Case number: 06-C-129

Sherry Jaynes vs. K-Mart Corporation
PA-Robert V. Berthold Jr.; J-Walker
* Jaynes of South Charleston says she fell at the K-Mart in St. Albans after catching her foot on the edge of a raised floor tile. She injured her right shoulder, right elbow, neck, back, right knee and chest. She seeks judgment in an amount less than $75,000.
Case number: 06-C-132

Herbert Richardson vs. APH Charleston Buildings Management Inc.
PA-G. Patrick Jacobs; J-Bloom
* The plaintiff blames the owners of the building at 1204 Kanawha Blvd. East. He worked there for the state Division of Criminal Justice Services when an elevator malfunction threw him off balance and caused injuries to his back, shoulders and torso.
Case number: 06-C-135

Jan. 26
Rick Dennison, individually and as representative of the estate of Pamela Dennison vs. Charleston Area Medical Center Inc.
PA-Daniel L. McCune; J-Walker
* The Ritchie County man says CAMC didn't follow standards of care and is to blame for his wife's death.
Case number: 06-C-138

Amanda Church vs. West Virginia Regional Jail and Corrections Authority and Everette Marcum
PA-Michael R. Whitt; J-Bloom
* Church of Monroe County was an inmate at the Southwestern Regional Jail near Logan when she says Marcum, a corrections officer, forced her to perform oral sex on him.
Case number: 06-C-139

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